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5 tips for travel insurance

What is the right coverage? Annual travel contract - does it make sense? Who else is insured with travel insurance? You can find quick answers to these questions in this video:

Travel relaxed

Travel insurance just in case

In order to be covered in an emergency, travel insurance is highly recommended. We have put together important tips for you to choose the right travel insurance and an overview of the various insurance components and packages. In the travel insurance comparison, you can also view the different types of coverage and put together the individual components that are important for you. Then you can enjoy your vacation carefree.

There are these insurance modules:

Well chosen & well insured

The right insurance package for your trip

Different insurance components contain different services. In the travel insurance comparison at you can choose between cancellation protection or termination insurance, a comprehensive travel protection package, international health insurance or complete protection (which covers all modules) as standard.

Of course, you can also put together your dream insurance from the individual insurance modules. In the following table we have listed the insurance components of the individual packages for you.

Reasons for cancellation or cancellation:

The cancellation protection or the travel cancellation insurance covers, among other things, cancellation costs for flight and hotel if you are unable to travel. Possible reasons for canceling a trip that are also accepted by insurance companies are, for example:

  • Job loss

  • Failure of important exams

Things to know about travel insurance

Frequently asked questions

  • What does travel insurance cover?

    Basically, you can choose from three types of travel insurance that cover different benefits:

    • Cancellation / termination insurance
    • Travel insurance
    • Foreign health insurance

    The Cancellation protection or the cancellation insurance reimburses your costs if you cannot commence the trip or have to break off prematurely. The Travel protection insures you during your trip against costs incurred as a result of accident, illness or property damage and personal injury. The international health insurance covers costs for medical treatment or costs for repatriation. In the comparison you can choose from the individual insurance modules in order to find the best travel insurance for you.

  • How long in advance should I get travel insurance?

    Ideally, you should take out travel insurance immediately after booking the trip, preferably on the same day.

    If you decide to take out insurance later after booking your trip, the insurance cover only applies after a waiting period (usually 10 days). You will not receive any insurance benefits during this period. When it comes to cancellation insurance, many providers also require a deadline between taking out the insurance and starting the trip. In the detailed comparison of your overview comparison, you will quickly and clearly find the deadlines for the respective offer.

  • What should I consider with the travel cancellation insurance?

    You can choose from various modules in order to find the best travel insurance for you. When choosing the right travel insurance, you should consider the following:

    • Is there a deductible?
    • Is there a minimum time limit for the start of the trip?
    • How long is the waiting period?
    • Which cancellation / termination reasons are covered?
  • Who is covered by the travel insurance?

    You can determine who should be covered by the insurance. In addition, you can choose whether you want to take out travel insurance for a specific trip or an annual contract. With the annual contract you can also determine whether accompanying persons (e.g. children) should also be insured. For 2 to 3 trips a year, travel insurance with an annual term is often cheaper than insuring individual trips.

Travel outside of Austria

E-card or travel health insurance

Whether you are planning a city trip to Paris or a backpack tour through China - health protection is always an important issue, especially when you travel abroad. With the Austrian E-card You are well protected in some countries, but in many countries you have to expect restrictions and in many countries the e-card is not valid at all.

Where is the e-card valid?

Within Europe, you are generally protected by the e-card in almost all countries (see green countries in the graphic). But even if your e-card is valid, depending on the travel destination, you may have to pay all costs in advance or pay lump sums for medical help on site.

For this reason, it can still make sense to take out travel health insurance for some EU / EEA travel destinations in which the e-card is valid. For more information on medical care in your destination country, see the European Commission website.

Where is the e-card not valid?

Important: If you are traveling to Montenegro, Serbia or Bosnia-Herzegovina, in order to be covered by health insurance, you must first present your e-card to the respective social insurance agency in the destination country and apply for a valid certificate of entitlement.

Outside of Europe and in a few countries within Europe (e.g. Albania, Ukraine, ...) the e-card is not accepted. There you have to pay for all costs yourself.

durchblicker - tip

Before each trip, simply compare the current offers online in the Travel insurance calculator. In this way, you receive a transparent insurance comparison quickly and clearly and travel relaxed and secure to far away!

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