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What professional skills should successful marketing managers have? Here is a list of skills and qualities that are required for marketing managers. Segment, sales channel, geographic region and each order. Good understanding of information technology, technical devices and communications; Confident use of the Internet and information databases; Own Telemarketing. In technical areas it is necessary to have a technical education. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of various components of a range of marketing communications that you can use to establish integrated relationships. Deep understanding of mathematical and statistical methods such as cluster analysis, joint analysis, sales analysis, interpretation and presentation of market data, modeling of marketing initiatives and others. Creative thinking skills to search for new business sources. (Anyway is well delivered training on marketing? Narrator: Are there managers to apply in the practice marketing methods? To what extent the marketer's success depends on BlueII? Business schools can help a person become a good professional, but the work of outstanding Marketers are non-Southwen with no intuition, luck sophistication, and other factors. Marketing training programs are designed for adding ideas, marketing methodology, and exploring examples from leading companies. Good marketing follows closely the rules. Outstanding marketing is often a short circuit established rules.

More on the subject of specialist knowledge:

  1. Qualities that ensure the success of professional activities (professional important characteristics):

Is your company rested in the ceiling and stopped developing? Don't have customers and don't know how to attract new applications? This means you need a marketer. And not just a marketer, but a real specialist who can offer steady and stable growth for your company. What to do? Where do you do it? How can you not make a mistake?

In this article, I'll try to answer all of these questions. Also, I'll tell you how:

  • Check the applicants' knowledge;
  • develop a motivation system for a newly hired specialist;
  • help him seek the fulfillment of the goals;
  • and most importantly, how to avoid a multitude of pitfalls while finding exactly who you need!

How do you get ahead of the competition?

In fact, the answer to this question is very simple. To advance the competition, you have to work with the best of the best.

I think you will agree with me that a master of the sport of an international swimming lesson at 100 meters knows a lot more details and nuances than just a master of the sport. Although their results differ by a split second at the stop wall, in reality there is a large gap between them.

And in marketing. Only a perfect knowledge of your marketing specialists will help drive your competitors on the target and win the race for your customers. But is it easy to find the right specialist? Let's try to answer this question.

Too important to trust 100%

Hiring the marketer is so important to the business owner or manager that he cannot be fully entrusted with the rental service. The main problem is that real internet marketing professionals are very small. About 2,000 marketers' vacancies are open every month at Headhunter. How do we find a suitable one?

And here the first obstacle brings us ...

8 in 10 full-time internet marketers cannot meet the goals to increase the number of attraction to the business. This sad statistic is kept in mind - this is our 6 years of experience interacting with companies from different industries and different scales.

I saw a 2 million advertising budget turned into a zero return. As out of 40 advertising channels, only 5th, since the main flow of new customers came the referrals, the marketers assured that this is the result of their work ...

You can give a lot more sad stories. But the reason they are alone: ​​Many marketers simply do not understand what the outcome of their activities should be, nor do they have the necessary knowledge. That means we're looking for a needle in a haystack.

Find a professional -
Not the only difficulty

There are few professionals on the market, then there is high demand on them. And when demand exceeds supply, the applicants enjoy the right to choose.

This is where the second obstacle arises: for the best workers, we have to compete with the best business models and executives from various industries.

Coca-Cola or CJSC GROKEKA - Which Choose a Professional Marketer? Definitely Coca-Cola? Nothing like that! In fact, it all depends on its goals (I will tell about this in the second part of this material).

The main conclusion that we need to do on this stage is simple. We have to be able to sell our company by rebuilding our offering from strong competitors.

Not only do you choose, but you choose

That is, in one task in finding a productive marketer, in fact, two tasks:

  • How to find a suitable professional from among all the masses of those who want to receive a salary to sit at work?
  • How to convince them to choose our company (how to sell your company to the marketer)?

In this article, I'll consider the first question in detail. And in the following material, which will appear on our blog very soon, you will focus on the second one.

Purpose of the marketing department

We are like the leaders dream so that every employee will be productive and benefit from the company. Why do we need a marketer? So that it relieves us of headaches related to the involvement of new buyers.

The bottom line of a marketer depends on the goals of the company and the goals of the promotion department (marketing division). However, 90% of the time, the purpose of the marketing department is to create a stable system to attract new buyers and a surge in market-driving company. So we are waiting for the marketer to increase the number of charges against the company from potential buyers.

By the way, we don't care what and how it will do. The main thing is that the number of new buyers and the price of each new customer did not exceed profitability.

What do we need a marketer?
(Key competencies)

In order to provide the business with a flow of target applications from the internet, the marketer must be able to understand how:

  • create us from competitors (development position and UTP);
  • understand needs target group (basics of sociology and psychology);
  • development of the structure of the point of sale (pages);
  • write a sale of copyright;
  • develop and test hypotheses (able to compare several solution options and choose the best option);
  • must look like the customized advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords and various social networks;
  • by analyzing the total sales carried (determining which advertising channel gives the result, and that is not).

If you understand what I've written, we should have seen a common idea under all of the marketer's responsibility. It shouldn't create or configure itself. It should seek execution and control the intermediate acts of contractors and seize the result of the final work.

Then we come up with the most important skill of the regular marketer - the ability to get the result and choose a contractor to carry out the above tasks as well as match monetary motivation to fair currency motivation.

Now I will explain. The marketer selects a contractor (which in turn can create an application stream from, develops a motivational system, the standard quality of application quality and the control mechanism.

Here are the indicators of evaluating its effectiveness, I propose:

  • an increase in the number of visits to the business from potential buyers, taking into account the cost-effective value of each application;
  • basic consumer growth;
  • the increase in the number of referrals;
  • decrease in the number of negative reviews;
  • ROI, Profits - Budget;
  • % Conversion site visitors in applications.

What qualities should marketers want

We found out with you that the internet marketer is indeed the link between your company and certain artists and contractors. Therefore, I would assign the following quality that it is necessary:

  • initiative (does not expect instructions from above, seeing growth opportunities);
  • responsibility (willing to independently make decisions, express your opinion and respond to his actions);
  • perseverance (brings their actions to the result, ambitious, reflects the tasks on time);
  • communication skills (possesses the skills of competent oral and written communication);
  • the latitude of views (the ability to look at the question through another person's eyes);
  • curiosity (openness to new technologies, desire to develop);
  • attention (pays attention to the smallest details);
  • the ability to properly assess the situation (the ability to correct priorities);
  • perseverance (focus on victory);
  • stability (the ability to undertake a specific task, not distracted);
  • the presence of good taste (understanding of aesthetics in design);
  • flexibility (ability to accept the experience of others, use different approaches).

Steps Rent

The deciding factor in the setting is speed. A productive employee does not sit idle for a long time. With this in mind, we need to build our recruitment system so that we don't miss out on a suitable candidate.

  • we collect and elaborate answers (filter those who are unsuitable due to lack of experience and desire to work remotely);
  • we are interviewed on productivity (by phone or at a meeting - more on that in the next paragraph).
  • determine personal qualities and motivation;
  • knowledge verified (this must be done by the person. He has a marketing knowledge);
  • we bring references;
  • let's give a test task
  • we discuss the applicant's goals and plans for the next 3 months.

Review of productivity

Productivity is an important professional skill that will help him achieve his goals. The ability to see the source of problems, the ability to find ways to solve difficult tasks, and the desire to bring it all down to the bottom line is a brief description of the productive employee.

For 6 years working in marketing, I met the work of various companies and saw more than 100 marketers in the case. In order for our company to tune in quickly and create a flow of new customers, we are critical to establishing a close interaction with the marketing department. To quickly understand if the marketer we need to work with is productive, let's ask them a few questions.

  • What is the result of your work in the company?
  • Do you measure the result of your work?
  • What is the result (uses, number of sales, channels, etc.)?
  • What did you start and what did you get to the current moment?
  • How do you rate your results compared to other employees in the same position?
  • What other achievements can you see?

It's important to understand that a person who hasn't been productive will not turn into a productive and turn to you. And the only option to determine the applicant's productivity is to look at the past and understand if he was reaching to achieve in previous jobs.

These questions are enough to determine if the person you are communicating with understands what the end result of their activities is. This is confirmation that he can get results.

Knowledge test

Knowledge can only check those who know. Marketing is a lot of nuances. At the same time, you can read some smart books and already amaze you with the smart concepts of the Romi type.

Different skills are required to solve different tasks. In general, however, I would reduce the knowledge test to undo the TP of the selling site or page.

When the online marketer understands the nature of the actions of a potential buyer, they can guide them along the desired route.

Now I'll explain what I mean. When I ask the marketer what could be improved on our website, I am not waiting for them to immediately give me a specific suggestion. From the real professional, I wait for him to refine problems:

  • what are the indicators of the site (the buyer's cost, the customer's cost);
  • who is his target audience;
  • what is the purpose of the website?
  • is it possible to see the metric;
  • how the destinations are configured on the website;
  • For which requests do visitors come to him now (and is there a relevance between requests and content);
  • what has already been done to improve the site;
  • etc.

Before embarking on any hypothesis, you need to find out what is happening on the site now.

This is the simplest test. If you are interested in testing, more complicated - check out the end of this material, I have a little gift for you!


The easiest way to ensure that the candidate has had remarkable results in previous work - this will help.

Therefore, after investigating the applicant's productivity, ask: "Who could confirm the results of your work at the previous job location?"

After the applicant gives us the coordinates of a person, it is important to ask him who else could tell about his successes. In this situation, candidates are often lost because they only have one person to prepare the "Home Billet".

The bottom line is that very often candidates propose such a turnaround and prepare to review a good option. We bring references in 2 people and 2 workplaces. Very often, in the second minute of the conversation with the former leaders of our candidate, some functions that we think about. It is very important to be able to ask open-ended questions.

What questions should ask - there is no ideal version here to solve them. But if nothing comes to mind - at the end of this material, I'll try to help you!

The first part of my extensive material on employing the competent marketer was nearing the end. In you can read how to convince the specialist that you need to get a job for you. And now, as I promised, small gifts!

I fully understand that after reading this article, you may have many questions. Hence, I have several gifts for you - a detailed test to check the applicant's knowledge of the marketer's post and the script with the former head candidate

If you are interested in this information, write to me on my personal mail [protected e-mail]. In the subject line, state that you will need materials at the front desk to make the internet marketer work. In the letter you write, what area your company includes - this information will need to make some corrections in the materials. I hope you will find this information useful!

Marketing Manager

They say, "Marketing is supposed to force people to buy what they don't need." Of course, that's not quite the case. Many important and helpful goods only reach the consumer as a result of the good work of the marketer. This is the marketing manager's social role. For the company, it is one of the key figures that determines the success of its sales policy.

Before selling, you need to create a concept of promotion, product or service, select advertising and publicity policy. In addition, it is necessary to determine what activity should be directed, i. H. The target audience. If you make a mistake with the route at the beginning of the road it will not be exactly where I wanted to.In addition, the faster you go, the further you don't go to the other side. With the wrong marketing, even the best sales department cannot completely correct the situation. Hence, consider a lot on choosing a marketing manager of the person. Consider several basic options for this position.

1. Marketing manager in one person or head of the marketing department

  • This person - the key person in the business. He must have the skills of work in all fields of marketing as well as business planning and managing people. It is tight and active to interact horizontally so it should be an excellent diplomat who knows how to tie together the interests of different departments and the business-minded company as a whole.

2. Marketing Analyst.

  • Key qualities for this - analytical thinking, preferably high ability to work monotonously. It is desirable that this employee had an economic, financial education and was ready to work a lot with numbers.

3. PR manager.

  • The success factors of "Parashka" - sociability, ability and desire to perform in front of a large audience, the ability to warm up the interest of students, skills and successful experience of writing articles, creativity, the ability to warm "jeans", ie hidden advertising as well as communication in the media.

4. Marketers engaged in promotion - organizing promotional shares

  • Creativity and organizational skills, a result orientation, good sales skills and an understanding of the needs of the target audience - these are the keys to success for those who take this position.
  • Creativity, knowledge of advertising formation rules, literature and artistic skills are desirable, media planning skills, advertising budgeting, good knowledge of the media market, as well as very important communication in the media, including television, in special agencies.

6. Product Manager - Product Manager or Product Group

  • As a rule, deep knowledge of the product, usually special training in the sphere in the vicinity, analytical and presentation skills, skills or abilities of the trading staff is required.


For any marketing specialist, their search and selection methods are the most effective. We offer to use the following recommendations:


Selection methods.

Head of department

It is worth considering two options: a doctorate in the department and looking for a job abroad. The advantages of the first option - good products of products, proven loyalty. A possible disadvantage is an incomplete set of competencies (the need for additional training).

When looking for the page it is worth using the website, serious publications such as "Vedomosti". It is also possible to lure through the agencies


You can take beginners with appropriate training with advertising on the internet, press

PR manager

It is best to dive specialists from other companies and work with agencies

Funding specialist.

It is entirely possible to creatively promote this post from sales members with reasonable inclinations. This option is often more efficient than searching the open market.

The best option of choice is to lure the experienced specialists with the help of agencies. You can also bring along people who have worked in advertising agencies.

product manager

Perfect Option - Advanced sales rep with a business or marketing background


For example, we suggest looking at the Marketing Manager Competency Profile (see display 1) and an estimated table (see Appendix 2). This allows you to identify the candidate's overall competencies. To identify the same specific competencies, we recommend contacting the appropriate agency, or that role should take on the commercial or general director.


When adapting, the focus is worth the new hires:

  • studied the company's products or services;
  • I learned from promotion and advertising policy;
  • I've trusted key employees with whom I will interact;
  • I met colleagues in the department, learned the structure of his work.

In addition, it is necessary to positively provide internal PR under the heads of related units to a new employee (if the leader). The rest of the customization activities are traditional: performance, introduction to corporate culture, system of values, etc.

Motivation and performance indicators

The key elements of motivating marketers can be:

  • career growth, advanced training, expansion of authority;
  • depending on the size of the remuneration from business results and specific programs Promotion;
  • providing the ability to act independently to show creativity;
  • the importance of the marketing department in perceiving company employees;
  • individual motivation according to the motivator card. *

The effectiveness of the work of the marketing department can therefore be determined in the following indicators:

  • brand perception;
  • results of the focus groups;
  • changes in sales in the context of advertising and promotional professions;
  • satisfaction of employees of sales departments for marketers;
  • knowledge of the product through marketing and sales departments.

These are the most typical options. Depending on the specifics of the KPI company and the control points can of course change.

Annex 1. Personnel application for a vacancy in the marketing department

Special competencies.

General competencies.

(individually personal, managerial

and communicative)

* Financial planning and analysis at the monitoring level of the preparation of a marketing plan as part of a joint business plan.

* Strategic planning skills.

* Marketing and Skills marketing analysis. and plan.

* Skills to build an optimal sales system (construction at the strategy level and not actually implementation).

* Distribution efficiency analysis.

* Media planning skills.

* Skills and experience in planning and organizing actions.

§ Professional marketing.

* Orientation towards the result.

* Globality.

* Orientation for new functions.

* Ambition, desire for professional growth.

* Leadership skills.

* Charisma.

* Ability to analyze and predict.

* High adaptability to new informationLearn.

* The ability to defend your point of view.

* Loyalty.

* Responsibility.

* People management skills.

* Public presentation and speaking skills.

* Skills to write PR articles or evaluate their quality

Appendix 2. Assessment of the personal qualities of the head of the marketing department

General competencies.

Verification problem

Desirable answer

Reference orientation.

"What do you think for which criteria the success of the work of the marketing director?"

Effective criteria should be called up (sales results, financial metrics, Successful withdrawal of the new product, etc.)


"What are your main expectations from the new job?"

Global abstracts should be sounded: Interesting content, the possibility of professional growth, etc. does not fit the answer in which the work details are described in detail (drawing up the marketing plan, identifying target groups, calculating the effectiveness of the shares, etc.)


Give a candidate sheet of paper and handle and ask to create a new product from this set and advertise it

Orientation for new functions * (only if the company is on the stage of active growth, development, withdrawal of new brands)

"What do you choose to choose: to carry out an existing direction or to develop an absolutely new one, which leads to the withdrawal of new brands and defines the sales strategy?"

Have to choose a new direction

Ambition, orientation for professional growth

"What is a Successful Career in Marketing?"

"This is an increase in authority and responsibility, the ability to solve global, serious problems. This is the opportunity for self-expression and the real impact on the success of the company's business.

Leadership skills

"Describe yourself interesting project In your professional activity "

The candidate must speak of himself as a leader, organizer and not as a simple member of the team or a single independent team

High adaptability to new information, noise

"Imagine working in a clinic. Determine the target audience and the scheme for calculating the capacity of the market of one of the medical products - suture (used, if it is used in the surgical interventions)

"Task Force - Surgeons (Use Sutures During Operation). To calculate the capacity of the market, you need to know how many surgeries are done annually and what is the average consumption of sutures for each of them".

A person's ability to apply the laws of logic in calculating an unknown product and the market for them

Ability to defend their point of view

"I will insist on changing the reel as its heroes should be identified with the target audience (i.e. it must be Russian), and in the case of 'Renovka' it will not work. I will make a lot of arguments: statistics other organizations, our company's sales history, etc, but I'll try to get my own because it'll be much better for business. "


"You are aware that your colleague has repeatedly spoken of the company beyond the company. Your actions?"

"I think this situation is invalid because it is being undermined business reputation. Businesses, in addition, the next time a person may come from business interests in favor of their own. "

Or: "I will try to stop this situation: I will speak to a colleague, I will give it to understand that it cannot go on; if it does not stop, it is addressed to the higher authorities."


"Did you have failures, mistakes in your work? How were you called?"

"Yes they were. That was part of my fault / responsibility"

"How do you think, which depends on some people seeking success in life and career, and others - no?"

"First of all from the person himself"

Human management skills

"Your employee is clearly demotivated. After a conversation with him you understand that he was a bit bored because he studied his work perfectly and the interest in it fell. Offer so many opportunities to leave such a situation"

"The employee can offer a new project, send to training, turn around in the department, assign additional responsibilities to the current position, etc., etc."

Public presentation and speaking skills

"How many public presentations have you done? What audience are you advocating? How do you measure the success of the achievement at the moment when it couldn't produce real results?"

The applicant must tell at least several speeches in front of an audience in several dozen people.

"The quality is determined by visual contact, depending on whether questions you ask during and after the presentation are on the questionnaire feedback (if it was done, which is also a good indicator) "

Skills in writing PR articles or assessing their quality *

Ask the candidate to send you one of their PR articles

Evaluation of the article

* These skills cannot be required in all companies.

    Svetlana Ivanova, senior partner, coach consultant KPG Training Center Ivanova & Ltbedeva, Moscow,

    Dmitry Boldovyev, consultant trainer, KPG training center, Moscow,

The job of "marketer" or "marketing manager" is to manage the value of the perceived value of goods for sales and profits. To work effectively, the marketing manager must have certain skills and develop competency in certain areas.

Assigning 9 key skills the marketing manager must have. These competency and personal qualities should not be fully expressed, but should be enhanced as experience and professional growth.

Analytical skills

The marketer must be able to:

  • Analyze sales dynamics and manage sales forecast
  • Manage the advertising budget and calculate the effectiveness of investments
  • Compare multiple solutions and choose the best option.
  • Establish priorities for projects
  • Always look for a causal relationship in customer behavior

Professional competence

The marketer should know and improve their knowledge:

  • modern methods of marketing.
  • modern development and management models of the company's brand
  • modern techniques and sales methods
  • basics of business and finance (to manage price and budget)
  • basics of sociology and psychology (to understand the consumer)
  • modern design instructions (for understanding aesthetics)


The marketer must form and set the tasks, not wait for instructions from other people, the opportunity to improve business and be able to incarnate.



The marketer must be ambitious persistent in his actions and ambitious in the goals in order to carry out the tasks in a timely manner.


The marketer needs to be able to come up with new ideas and offer a few alternatives in order to complete a task.

Quality communication.

Communication is one of the most important skills of the marketing manager. The marketer is perfect in the following communication skills:

  • Proficient written communication - the ability to correctly express your thoughts in business correspondence. To write without grammatical and special errors. Form the right advertising texts.
  • Proficient oral communication - the ability to correctly express your thoughts during the conversation. Build your language correctly and logically.
  • Effective interpersonal communication - the ability to interact effectively with other team members in order to achieve the goal, the ability to find a common language with different interlocutors.
  • Public Speaking Skills - The ability to install and maintain contact with the audience during presentations.

Flexibility in work.

Marketing managers should use different approaches in their work, be opened up, be opened up with new technology and new views for solving common problems. Have to abandon the selected course and switch to other working methods if existing solutions lead to errors.

Self-development and erudition

The marketing manager must constantly improve his professional competence and broaden the horizons with new knowledge in order to improve the effectiveness of the current work.

Content Marketing - less intrusive marketing tool and reveals the essence of society's work. Again, the content marketer should be immediately understood in several disciplines. What skills should the content marketer have? And what knowledge and experience does it take to become a content marketer?

The content marketer is responsible for the planning, creation and operation of valuable content in order to win and convert potential customers into regular customers. The type of content a content marketer creates depends on what the company is selling.

The content marketer is responsible for promoting content that is not possible in the separation from the classic 4P marketing model:

  • product - product or service;
  • price - price;
  • promotion - promotion, advertising, PR;
  • Platz - locations trading point., Sales channels, sales personnel.

Stripping this model from content marketers:

  • Determines, chooses and develops the product.
  • Sets the price.
  • Selects the sales channel to turn the client where it is (location).
  • Plans and implements a promotion strategy.

With this model, the content is viewed as product. price may vary from email address (receive blog updates, join the mailing list e-mail) Before you pay access to the library of articles. Most There will be your blog / website, social network channels. BUT promotion - Ways to distribute the content on the Internet.

The content marketer is the one who understands how to position and promote the content so that it reaches the broadest audience.

To combine this list, I had to rely on your own experience, the wisdom of the content controllers, and I even considered about a dozen descriptions of positions for positions in content marketing.

Five Content Marketologist Skills

1. Storage.

First, the content marketer has a nose in good history. He knows that hero, mentor, purpose, obstacle, and morale should be in marketing history. And he can reveal the history of his business.

Good content creates value, positions your resource as a reliable and valuable source of information. In other words, stories help audiences learn about you and trust you before people are interested in buying.

The content marketer studies the technique of narrative scripts and writers, so when he is writing content he knows how to insert readers.

2. Strategy development.

The content marketer knows how to develop a strategy, what its goal is and how to achieve it.

To develop a strategy, the content marketer should understand their target audience and their issues, know and use analytics tools to improve unpopular content.

3. Write content.

Often content marketers think about the strategy and fill in the content plan, but also to answer a writing stop for blogs / websites, create video and infographics.

To do this, the content marketer must have the following knowledge:

  • sEO basics,
  • sMM basics,
  • site usability knowledge
  • page layout,
  • advertising copy.

The content marketer will deal with writing the "sounding" headlines, choosing old articles to update and republishing, as well as rethinking old content in new formats (e.g., infographic translation). It will of course install and maintain the editorial tone.

4. Social networks

Content marketers understand social media. He understands what type of content works best on each platform. For example, Twitter is good for promoting new content. Facebook is good for attracting your audience in discussions and polls. Pinterest is great for sharing images.

5. Subscriptions to updates

Content marketers understand the need to create subscription assets, including lists of email subscribers and social network membership.

Not only are you responsible for writing content for these subscription models, but also how each of them works, or even measuring and controlling each model.

Responsibilities Content Marketer.

Based on real-life summaries, employers expect the content marketer to perform the following duties.

  • Information gathering and analysis, market research, the ability to complete a conclusion policy that develops a strategy.
  • Competencies professional copywriter and editor.
  • SMM, site filling, work in postal services, support for Internet channel, analysis of its effectiveness.
  • Selection of channels that communicate with regular customers, attract new customers, effective communication With an audience, analyzing the efficiency of client channels based on statistical data.
  • Establishing the goal of the marketing campaign, representing the image of the target audience, and determining the goals of the campaign, identifying competitors, analyzing their actions, working methods.
  • Compilation of the content plan.
  • Creating content, an interesting user, or content that will be interesting in the future.

Content Marketer - a man of a broad profile, in addition to preparing the content, he needs to understand the search engine optimization that works with social networks, Analytics, layout and of course marketing. The content marketer is more of a marketing than a copywriter, and yet it combines the responsibilities of multiple people in the marketing department.

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