How can alkaline water help cancer patients

Another option is to take "colloidal" or "ionic" mineral supplements. As I said, minerals act as natural acid buffers and can complement foods that have been deprived of minerals in modern agricultural processes. So what makes the body acidic?

Acid bodies

There are sound studies that have shown that consuming too many processed foods, sugar and starch increases the toxin load in the body and leads to general acidification. It is known that certain diseases thrive particularly well in a body that is overloaded with toxins. These toxins are simply the natural metabolic by-products of life and breathing.

So if you don't eat enough cleansing, alkaline foods like raw fruits, vegetables, and legumes, and don't drink enough water to flush toxins out of your body, you can create an overly acidic cell environment. Ultimately, acidification is nothing more than the result of years of poor diet and dehydration.

And now comes the trap: If water favors the flushing of toxins from the body and prevents renewed accumulation of toxins, can't alkaline water neutralize the acids even better? Something basic neutralizes something acidic. Not only does that sound good, it also sounds logical, doesn't it?

But as logical as it may sound: The assumption that the body can also be "made alkaline" (alkaline) with alkaline water is simply wrong. The thought that a lot helps a lot is in our human nature, and the possibility of quick repairs always sounds appealing. After all, what better way to remedy years of poor nutrition, lack of exercise and chronic dehydration by simply drinking "alkalizing" water? Unfortunately, the idea has neither hand nor foot.

Assumptions about alkaline water

If you enter the search terms "health" and "alkaline water" in the Google Internet search, you get over 1,600 hits. The vast majority of the links will direct you to manufacturers of so-called "alkaline water ionizers". Their websites include: Claims that alkaline water consumption could either prevent, reverse, or cure the following health disorders:

  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • poor blood circulation
  • Constipation
  • common colds
  • muscle pain
  • Urinary stones
  • slow wound healing
  • chronic fatigue
  • Gout and osteoarthritis
  • morning sickness
  • osteoporosis
  • Hyperactivity
  • diarrhea
  • Water retention
  • Male cat
  • Body odor
  • obesity

The websites tell you that alkaline water could also cure a whole range of other health disorders (so many that you can't even list them all). Doesn't that sound too good to be true? Yes! To get any closer to the truth, we must first take a closer look at these electronic water ionizers.

Alkaline water ionizers

Water ionizers work on a fairly simple principle called electrolysis, which was discovered in 1832, and create a chemically altered solution. Electrolysis uses a pair of oppositely charged platinum electrodes. When water passes the electrodes, a direct current reacts with the dissolved minerals, creating a chemically modified synthetic solution.

The naturally occurring positive ions in water are attracted by the electric current at the electrode (cathode) connected to the negative pole. There they take on negatively charged electrons (hydroxyl ions). During this process, oxygen is also released. The negative ions are attracted to the electrode (anode) connected to the positive pole and give off electrons, which causes the pH level to drop. About 50 percent of the solution is so-called "acid water" and normally goes down the sink as waste water.


Alkaline water can undoubtedly have positive health effects if drunk daily in small quantities and used in a cure-based manner. For people who do not want to buy an expensive device for this purpose, alkaline activated water concentrates are recommended, which are taken very diluted for the duration of a cure (e.g. over 30 days). However, we advise against the constant consumption of undiluted alkaline water with high pH values ​​and as the sole source of water.


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