How does space smell

The first perfume that smells of space

For years, the US space agency NASA had been working on a fragrance that should smell like space. A start-up company now wants to bring the “Eau de Space” onto the market.

In 2008, NASA commissioned chemist Steve Pearce to copy the smell of space. With the scent, which was created within four years, astronauts should be prepared for what shoots their noses in space.

The start-up "Eau de Space" from California is now collecting money on the Kickstarter platform in order to create the space fragrance for everyone.

In fact, one would think that space is largely odorless and that the astronauts only smell their body odors and everything else that humans bring into space themselves. But various astronauts gave information about the smell that they brought back to the International Space Station or their space shuttles on their suits during space walks.

Astronaut Peggy Whitson told CNN in 2002, for example, that when she returned, the lock smelled like a “pistol had been fired”. It was a "bitter smell with a smoky, burnt note".

"Gunpowder, steak, raspberries and rum"

The US astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent almost a full year on the ISS space station in 2015/16, had a similar experience. In his 2017 book “Endurance: My Year in Space”, he wrote that space smells of burned metal, like burning sparklers or as if something had been welded. Other astronauts described the space odeur to Pearce as a "mix of gunpowder, fried steak, raspberries and rum," as he explained.

Whether one can beguile one's fellow human beings with such a composition remains to be seen. However, that is not the goal of the start-up, which has already been able to collect the equivalent of over 38,000 francs for the implementation of the project. As it was said, “Eau de Space” is aimed primarily at parents and teachers in order to increase children's interest in experimental learning.

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