How sets are used in everyday life

Make your measuring set your daily companion! Now in a practical Systainer: HPM touch pro with ContactCheck and ClimaCheck sensors

Secure the assessment of the subsurface and the surrounding climate with exact measurement results. Avoid costly and time-consuming rework by a simple, precise check of all substrate and climatic conditions before your covering and coating work.

With the HPM set you always have everything with you: The HPM touch pro device and the ContactCheck and ClimaCheck sensors are protected and packaged in a robust case suitable for construction sites. Your advantage - you can carry out almost all relevant measurements at any time.

With the HPM Touch pro you get a professional multifunction device that is intuitive and easy to use. Optical and acoustic warnings draw your attention to excessive moisture levels. You can even graphically display the moisture distribution on surfaces using grid measurements.

The set includes the sensor ContactCheck. This enables non-destructive moisture measurement in concrete, screed, plaster and masonry, as well as in wood at a depth of up to 5 cm.

Also in the set - the sensor ClimaCheck. Your practical accessory for the automatic determination of the dew point and display of the ambient and surface temperature as well as the humidity.

Systainer set:
HPM touch pro including ContactCheck and ClimaCheck in the Systainer
Item No. 60 83 12

You can also purchase the following accessories:

Depth measuring probe
Extension of the measuring needle function: measurement inside concrete, screed and masonry at a depth of up to 23 cm.
Item No. 60 80 10

Hammer electrode
Extension of the measuring needle function: measurement inside wood at a depth of up to 5 cm.
Item No. 60 80 12