Why was Uber banned in Germany

Taxi Germany versus Uber: Uber again banned across Germany

19.12.2019 – 12:32

Taxi Germany

Frankfurt (ots)

The regional court of Frankfurt ruled today in the competition law injunction brought by Taxi Deutschland against Uber B.V. judged: Uber's business model is illegal. Uber is not allowed to broker rides in Germany because the Amsterdam-based company Uber B.V. does not have a traffic permit for rental car traffic in Germany.

Dieter Schlenker, chairman of the Taxi Germany cooperative, which operates the app of the same name, made the following statement:

"We are happy, we got the right today. The court once again determined that the same law applies to small and large companies. Uber does not have a permit for passenger transport in Germany. However, the company sets fares and collects the fare.

In addition, the company is posting large-format posters with the Uber brand in the cities, giving passengers the impression that they are making the trips themselves. Only in the small print, i.e. not legible from a posterior view, is it indicated that the trips are not carried out by the user.

By doing this, Uber cannot be a mere mediator - and the court confirmed that today.

The judgment benefits all those who cannot defend themselves against large corporate interests alone:

These are around 21,000 small businesses, employees in 700 taxi centers and around 255,000 taxi drivers in Germany. They work in good jobs, earn minimum wages and receive social security. In addition, the judgment affects all consumers. Because the Passenger Transport Act, which Uber has permanently disregarded, serves consumer protection.

Today's judgment is even important for citizens who never drive a taxi: In contrast to large international companies, the German taxi and rental car market pays over two billion euros in taxes, levies and (social) insurance every year. Uber uses the infrastructure without paying taxes to maintain it and is avoiding minimum wages and social security contributions. "

Uber can now appeal to the Higher Regional Court and, if necessary, later have the legal situation assessed by the Federal Court of Justice. Uber will continue to operate in Germany for the time being.

On December 17, 2019, the Stuttgarter Zeitung revealed that drivers who travel for Uber in Stuttgart, some of whom are paid in cash, have to drive twelve-hour shifts. Violations of the law are the order of the day in Stuttgart, according to an informant for the newspaper.

There are also numerous proceedings against Uber in Germany. Most recently, the Taxi Zentrale Köln had obtained an injunction against Uber, which ordered the immediate cessation of brokerage activities in Germany. Although Uber is aware of this decision, the company is moving on.

Uber's legal problems are a global phenomenon - passenger transport is regulated all over the world. In many countries, authorities and courts are taking action against Uber because the company ignores applicable law.

In London, Uber was banned on November 29, 2019 due to significant security risks. The supervisory authority was able to prove 14,000 trips without insurance cover and has proven that drivers terminated by Uber could continue driving under a different name and with fake profile pictures by manipulating the app. The company has filed a lawsuit against the ban, and pending the decision, it can continue to operate in London for the time being.

Other lawsuits against Uber in the UK concern bogus self-employment of drivers and failure to pay approximately £ 2 billion in sales tax (VAT).

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The Taxi Germany service company for taxi centers is a cooperative association. In 2016 it obtained that the Uber-mediated passenger transport by private individuals was legally prohibited. The taxi company cooperative operates the "Taxi Germany" app, to which around 2,600 cities and municipalities nationwide are already connected, as well as the mobile taxi number 22456, which connects from any mobile network to the local taxi center. The executive board members are Dieter Schlenker (chairman) as well as Fred Buchholz, Frank Kuhle and Hermann Waldner.

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