How do carbon dioxide fire extinguishers work

The CO2 fire extinguisher - information & recommendations

Here you can see a CO2 fire extinguisher, this is particularly suitable for use on technical systems such as B. Server rooms.

In this post you will find information about the CO2 fire extinguisher, also called carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Carbon dioxide is a chemical formula made up of oxygen and carbon. The gas is colorless, odorless and heavier than air. Since it is a natural gas, the production of the extinguishing agent is particularly environmentally friendly. In contrast to other types of extinguishers, this extinguishing agent extinguishes completely without residue and is therefore ideally suited for technical systems such as server rooms, distribution cabinets or areas with special hygienic requirements.

Advantages of the CO2 fire extinguisher:

  • No extinguishing damage from the extinguishing agent
  • Electrically not conductive
  • Very environmentally friendly. No disposal and environmental problems
  • Easy to check, therefore inexpensive to maintain

The disadvantages:

  • Due to the extinguishing agent, it only makes sense to use it in closed rooms
  • Health hazard from carbon dioxide in closed rooms

What should you watch out for during an operation?

The carbon dioxide content in the earth's atmosphere is approx. 0.04%. This concentration is not harmful to humans. However, if the concentration is increased to three to five percent, this already changes the breathing rate and, at even higher concentrations, leads to fainting or even death. When used in closed rooms, special safety precautions must therefore be taken, because the CO2 content in the air is increased very quickly by the escaping gas.

  • Warn everyone in the room before an operation and ask them to leave the room
  • After use, adequate ventilation must be provided in order to reduce the CO2 content again
  • Particular caution is required in basements, as CO2 is heavier than air.

Recommended CO2 extinguishers

Below you will find some fire extinguishers that we can recommend without hesitation.

What does a good carbon dioxide extinguisher cost

You should spend at least € 50. You will receive the first 2 kg devices for this. If it is a brand manufacturer or a larger device, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

The extinguishing effect

Carbon dioxide has a suffocating effect by displacing the oxygen. A flammable substance, heat and oxygen are required for a fire to start. Since the fire is now deprived of oxygen, the fire goes out. It is also often reported that a CO2 extinguisher cools down the fire. The cooling effect is only very slight and does not play a role in the extinguishing effect.

Where is a CO2 fire extinguisher used?

The use of such an extinguisher is recommended almost everywhere where technical systems such as server rooms are to be found. This means that adjacent unaffected components can be rescued quickly and undamaged. A fire extinguisher of this type is rarely found in private households, so you should consider a foam extinguisher. For electrical systems or computers, this type of extinguisher is also suitable in the private sector. In summary, the extinguisher can often be found in the following areas:

  • Technical systems such as server rooms, distribution rooms, etc.
  • Sensitive rooms and systems
  • In the chemical industry
  • Areas where there are special hygienic requirements

Post-purchase tip regarding maintenance

Of course, you should have the extinguisher checked regularly by a specialist. Nevertheless, we recommend that you weigh the CO2 fire extinguisher with an accurate scale immediately after purchasing it. Then make a note of the total weight. You can therefore check at a later point in time whether CO2 has leaked from the fire extinguisher in the meantime and whether it is no longer operational. This is an easy way of checking, as there is no pressure indicator on a manometer.