Drinking hot water causes heaps

Drink hot water? Absolutely! 9 reasons for it.

Our body consists of between 75% (newborns) and 55% (adults) of water. Obviously, that water for our health, beauty & our Wellbeing is inevitable. Our body constantly needs water to replenish its fluid stores.

In Ayurveda, water is referred to as a substance that is chemically universally dissolving is. In addition to breathing and light, water is the most important element in our life. Water is Contentment, love and compassion. On the other hand, lack of water creates thirst and obesity.

But why do we drink hot water?

In one of my yoga classes there was an interesting answer, or rather a counter-question. Do you wash your dishes with cold water? Why not?

Hot water:

  • cleanses our body & stimulates the metabolism at
  • it promotes the digestion,
  • can constipation solve and make us feel more relaxed
  • it flushes toxins out of the body
  • improves that Complexion, the skin is glowing
  • has a positive effect on that connective tissue & the Fascia out
  • increases that Wellbeing & the vitality
  • increases the energy & drives away tiredness
  • is a solvent for salts, minerals and a means of transport for nutrients and waste products
  • it is considered Anti-aging agents
  • soothes VATA
  • improves the sense of taste
  • water is life

In Ayurveda and also in TCM it is taught that warm or hot drinks have a better effect on our health. You can find out why this is so in this article.

9 reasons why you should drink hot water.

1. Hot water aids digestion.

Health starts in the gut! If your digestion goes crazy, you feel uncomfortable, yours Skin is impure & pale and you probably have constipation too. Keeping the intestines healthy is not that easy. Proper nutrition is required to ensure that digestion works properly, that no waste or undigested material (AMA) accumulates and that the intestine is unbalanced.

Hot water can help you. Since I've only been drinking hot water in the mornings, mine has been working digestion, my Skin is more beautiful and me feel more comfortable. In Ayurveda it says that there is water in your intestines, like lubricant is working. (1) The warm water supplies your digestive organs with enough moisture and waste materials (AMA) can be excreted more easily. It prevents bloating and the re-accumulation of AMA in the digestive organs. Hot water supports your Agni, the digestive fire. It kind of kind of kindles your digestive fire, which makes digestion work better.

You don't wash your dishes in cold water either, do you? If something needs to be cleaned, use hot water!

Hot water starts you Cleaning process of the body, AMA cannot accumulate. AMA is responsible for many dysfunctions in the body that lead to Cravings, overeating, Constipation, pain and illness being able to lead. Studies have shown that hot water stays in the digestive tract longer than cold water, making digestion easier.

There are people who report that after just a few days of regular consumption of hot water they feel more vital, lighter and more radiant.

2. It helps with constipation.

Why do blockages arise at all? When we don't drink enough water, our small intestine absorbs most of the water we eat and drink. This leads to dehydration of the bowel and causes constipation. (2)

As already mentioned, warm water serves as "lubricant“And it helps the body Digest foods faster than cold water. (1) Cold water must first be warmed up in the body.

3. It detoxifies the body.

It is said that hot water, the body to sweat brings and with the sweat Excreted toxins become. As a result, the Cleaned pores. Same as a hot bath, hot water stimulates the endocrine system and you start to sweat.

4. It helps you lose weight.

I've read many times that drinking water can help you lose weight. On the one hand, drinking water creates one Bloating, fewer snacks between meals become necessary and on the other hand it flushes toxins and waste products from the body and helps the body absorb nutrients. (3)

A study published in 2003 found that hot water can help with weight loss. Drinking half a liter of hot water before eating can do the job Increase metabolism by 30%. With an increase in Water temperature to 98 degrees could one Metabolic increase of 40% to be established. Drinking 2 liters of hot water per day increases energy consumption by 400 kJ (100 kcal). At the end of the 12-week study, the group that consumed more water had lost around 2 kg more. Now that's not crazy, but maybe nice to know. (4)

5. It can reduce stress.

Drinking a soothing cup of hot water can help people deal with fear. There is a study which shows that hot liquids, such as tea and coffee Reduce anxiety and stress can. Of course, some of the effects are due to the caffeine in coffee, but the warmth of the drink makes you feel yourself feels good and ergo of that relaxed. (5)

6. Drinking hot water is considered an antiaging agent.

We all get old, but if it could go a little slower - wonderful! Warm or hot water flushes toxins out of the bodyso can Skin cells repaired faster will the Skin elasticity stays longer. (6)

As already read, warm water helps to keep the intestines healthy. Our skin on the face is the mirror of the intestine. When our intestines are healthy and clean, our skin is beautiful too.

Copper is a natural antioxidant and trace element. It should be Counteract cell aging, make the skin more radiant and have an antibacterial / antimicrobial effect. So why not get hot water out of one beautiful copper bottle drink?

TIP: add a dash of lemon! This reduces free radicals in the body, helps melt love handles and reduces the feeling of hunger.

7. It can help reduce pain.

Hot water is considered a vasodiliator (a means to widen blood vessels). If the blood vessels dilate, then the blood circulation improves, Muscles relax and Pain subsides. Heat increases blood flow, especially with muscle injuries. We routinely use heat pads and bottles to relieve pain. Consuming hot water can warm you from the inside and relieve pain.

Ayurveda says that hot boiled water is more easily absorbed by our body and the heat warms the blood vessels, which not only promotes blood circulation, but also dissolves deep-seated impurities and rinses. These deep-seated impurities are often for Diseases, Pain and generally for one Imbalance responsible in the body. People report that their state of health improves and the symptoms of illness are reduced.

8. Hot water relieves colds and nasal congestion.

The nasal mucus is more easily transported away by the steam of the hot water and by inhaling deeply. The Sinuses become clearer and recover and so the “full feeling” that we sometimes have when we have a cold can also be released. (7)

Drinking warm water also helps with sore throats as it soothes the tissue. Gargling with hot salt water will help wonderful!

The hot water vapor is also good for them Facial skin. So drink from a large cup so that your face also benefits from the steam.

TIP: If you have a nosebleed, we recommend drinking cold water and placing a cold rag on your forehead. Rinsing your nose with cold water can also help stop nosebleeds.

9. It hydrates.

Regardless of whether it is hot or cold water, both provide you with fluids. In my opinion, if you can do something good for yourself with drinking water, as is the case with drinking hot water, then why not?

It is recommended that an adult be 2 liters of water per day should drink. For some people this is unthinkable. To be honest: nobody can say how much water each and every one of us needs to feel healthy and vital. There are many studies on this, but no patent formula emerges from them either.

I recommend you: if you are thirsty, drink it, if not, then not, and if you are physically active or if the temperature is high, grab a water bottle a little more often.

I also advise you to buy one beautiful water bottle, a great glass and a hip cup. Start with that a glass of hot water in the morning to incorporate into your routine. If that is no longer a problem, then add a glass in the evening added. Every drop helps and with every routine hack you get a little closer to your goal and your body and mind will thank you for it.

A beautiful TEA BOTTLE makes drinking even more fun: A tea bottle made of double-walled borosilicate glass (500 ml) with a tea strainer and a gray protective cover is included Amazon.

Drink hot water, but how?

In Ayurveda there is water boiled and so cleaned and Enriched with energy. Substances are separated and dissolved, for example lime. Store the water molecules energy and then release them to the body. The longer the water is boiled, the more "lighter" and more subtle is it. It can do that too penetrate very thin spaces in the body and Eliminate slag. (8)

Water consists of the two heaviest elements, Water and earth (Minerals). Boiling becomes water with the other elements, air, space and warmthenriched. This is what water does from an Ayurvedic point of view completely. So it can balance all three doshas. (8th)

The water should Boiled for 5 to 10 minutes become. The longer it is cooked, the easier it will be. When you feel heavy Allergies has, white coating on the tongue or Obesity, then you should 10 to 20 minutes let it boil for better results.

Cook it in either one pot or in a designated one water heater. If you boil the water in the saucepan, then boil it once without a lid so that volatile poisons can escape, after a few minutes put a lid on it so that the now very pure steam cannot evaporate. Wait before bottling so that dissolved substances such as lime can settle out first. You can also pour the water through a coffee filter if you want.

If you want to prepare the water in a kettle, then I recommend one Kettle with temperature control & keep warm function. I love this one Glass kettlethat you on Amazon at a fair price. With it you can boil the water quickly and practically and keep it warm. Perfetto!

The best way to put the boiled water in a thermos flask. You can drink from glass, porcelain or a thermo mug WITHOUT plastic. NEVER FILL THE HOT WATER IN A PLASTIC CONTAINER.

Drink some water every 30 minutes, depending on how thirsty you are.

A total of 1.5 to 2 liters should be drunk. You can also drink normal water with it, but not cold. In general, half of these 2 liters should be water. Because every addition changes the water molecules and accordingly the "information" of the water.

Prefers Spring water or get yourself a water filter to get super pure, high quality water.

Drink hot water in the morning.

After scraping your tongue and brushing your teeth, you should drink water. Drink first thing in the morning 2-3 cups of boiled water on an empty stomach, especially if you Digestive problems have or you very much tired feel. For best results, wait an hour before you have breakfast. (8th)

Hot water before and with meals.

In ancient Ayurvedic scriptures it is written that depending on how old we are, we should not drink anything for so many minutes before and after eating. That doesn't always work, for example when we eat out. Then it is advisable to drink water with lemon, this stimulates the digestive juices. But be careful don't drink too much, because if the Digestive juices too diluted then the nutrients from the food are more difficult to absorb. (9)

You can use lukewarm to hot water for eating in sips to be drunk. The drier the meal, the more likely it is to drink water.

PITTAs are hot and should drink a lot (approx. 2 l / day). In order not to heat up the Dosha even more, PITTAs should drink water that is warm rather than hot.

TIP: Remove the water from the stove and add marshmallow, mint, rosebuds, ginger, lemongrass or fennel seeds. (10)

KAPHAs need less fluid (approx. 1.5 l / day) as they tend to store fluid. The water can be hot.

TIP: Take the water off the stove and spice it up with mint, cloves, hibiscus, basil, lemongrass or ginger. (10)

VATAs are allowed to drink plenty of hot water. They tend to "dry out".

TIP: Remove the water from the stove and bring to the boil with ginger, fennel, clove, orange peel, peppermint, liquorice, marshmallow or lemongrass. (10)

You can take hot water with you when you are out and about. Simply pour into a thermos and off you go. No matter whether you have to go to the office, go to yoga class or go hiking. Hot water goes with you!

Drink hot water with lemon.

Especially in the morning, a dash of lemon juice can spice up the water, providing you with extra Vitamin kick and supports the Detoxification. DANGER: if you add lemon, the water should not be too hot, otherwise the valuable nutrients of the lemon will be lost!

Ayurvedic water treatment.

Ayurveda recommends taking a hot water cure in winter and spring. This is about at least 7 days, even longer, every day every half hour drank hot water.

This gets your digestion going, your skin will be more beautiful and you will feel more comfortable. It is definitely worth trying.

Coffee, tea & Co.

This is a very controversial issue. Some say coffee is bad, it dehydrates the body. That may be true, but only in very high doses!

A Harvard Business School study showed that moderate coffee consumption (3-4 cups per day) with one longer lifespan can be connected. They also occurred in this study as well less cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's, uterine and liver cancer, as well as less gout on. But you really shouldn't drink more! The caffeine contained in coffee can keep sensitive people awake at night and too much coffee also backfires. (11)

There are at least as many studies on the use of tea as there are on the consumption of coffee. Tea can do that risk on Stroke, heart disease, liver disease, type 2 diabetes, depression and maybe even Reduce cancer. (12)

Cold vs. warm vs. hot.

Please do not drink water that is too hot! We don't want to scald our esophagus. If you boil water, let it cool down a bit and only then drink it. You could say the water shouldn't be hotter than the tea or coffee you like to drink.

Hot drinks are more cool than cold ones! Why? If you put something warm into your body, then you increase his core temperature. Sensors in the mouth, throat and digestive organs send a signal to the brain that it is time to produce more sweat. Sweating is a natural mechanism your body uses to cool down. The sweat should then also be able to evaporate.

One study looked at what happens when you have a hot or cold drink after training. This study showed that a drink at 50 ° C already helps the body dissipate body heat, more so than a cold drink. (13)

What happens if you drink cold water after exercising?

You're not helping your body cool down, on the contrary, it is harmful to your organs. When we exercise, the body heat goes out and we sweat because the body changes internally cools down from sweating. If you were to drink cold water now, the Constrict blood vessels, the warmth could no longer escape and you would yourself feel even hotter & sweat even more. (14)

The idea that drinking cold water would help you lose weight is beautiful and true. But the effect is so small. To increase one gram of water by one degree, the body consumes one calorie. (15) Ayurveda says that cold water puts out the agni (digestive fire). On the other hand, warm water kindles it!

If you look around, tea is drunk in many hot countries. And why? Because it works! It has been a common wisdom in many societies for centuries, and science has shown that it is true.

In summary, it can be said that cold water and water that is too hot are harmful to your body, anything from body temperature up to a temperature that is safe to drink is wonderful for athletes and non-athletes.

What happens if you drink too little water?

For years you have read everywhere that it is important to drink enough. Adults should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. To some of us, that seems like a lot. Yet it is doable with the right strategy: a Place a glass of water on the desk and every 30 minutes drink from it. Set an alarm in an emergency!

I have these at home and in the office Tea glasses standing around reminding me to drink hot water or tea from time to time. It works!

If we don't drink enough fluids, ours suffers Brain function underneath and ours Energy level.

There is a study that was done on women. She has shown that with a fluid loss of just 1.36% after a workout, that Mood & concentration of the participants impaired and you more prone to headaches were. (16)

Another study looked at mental functions such as the Computing power, Short term memory and visual-motor skills. After 2% dehydration, the subjects showed a significant deterioration in skills. Since our body is 80% water, it all makes sense. Because 1% water loss already has its effects. (17)

It is well known that it is essential for athletes to drink enough fluids. One study showed that dehydration wasn't just that force, but also the Can limit endurance by up to 3%. (18)

Lack of water leads to:

  • an acceleration of the aging process
  • constipation
  • Cravings
  • Irritability
  • heartburn
  • less ability to concentrate
  • fatigue
  • sleep disorders
  • Cell death
  • Diseases


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