How many digits does a PI contain?

How long is the number pi?

“There is a very short answer to all of these questions. Pi is infinitely long! "

No, that's not right. The circle number Pi has a beginning and it also has an end. That alone requires the circle that closes at the point where it begins and ends at the same time. Which in a pictorial comparison corresponds to when the Ouroboros bites its own tail, which is simply a symbol for sexual love. Because God is love, and the circle has always been a symbol for the author of the world, and the circle also stands as a symbol for the light of the world, which is also God. The long row of pi numbers is basically the way to the originator of the world, who is also the third still life.
His name is Life-Love-Light (chin. 聖馬洛
Shèng mǎ luò, Japanese マ ロ Maro), also called the alpha and omega for short, or seen from the Greek point of view, which is its name visually and as an equivalent to the Hebrew letters PIPI (Hebrew יהוה).

Therefore there is a shorter answer than the answer “Pi is infinitely long!”, Which is FALSE, to the question: “How long is the number Pi?”

The answer is: Pi.Pi or NUN.ME, Sumerian “I am”.

NUN, Aramaic snake (also transferable to the word “number row”), and ME actually corresponds to the English. Word me (myself), and very important is the point in the middle, which means NOTHING, because in the Book of Zohar this is just another word for the ancient one, the originator of the world (universe), in theoretical physics M for short, proto -semitic water symbol (
M and W (M above and W below) combined result in the rune Dagaz “light”, which does not mean the light of the sun, but the light of wisdom, the original source of all being. And “being” is a translation of the name Cain, called the Son of Man. The Son of Man is the point in the center, called Tzimtzum (Kabbala), see
Tzimtzum = Chiunnun, mirrored NUN.ME, ME.NUN = I am who I am. He is called God or PiPi (Chinese xiao-niao), there is also a rune called Hagalaz (please do your research).