How can I sell my company name

The right company name: Here's what you should be aware of

1. Your own name

Your own name can be incorporated into the company name. If the name is difficult to pronounce, e.g. Wawrzik or Szynowsik, the founder should think about an alternative.

2. The type of company

The company name can indicate the type of company. With company names such as Monika's flower parlor, Schulze's car workshop, the customer can immediately infer the type of company.

3. Don't forget the expansion

The master mechanic Schulze knows the car brand Ford very well. He wants to offer repairs for this brand in his garage. Two years later, the company name Schulze's Fordwerkstatt no longer fits because he has since added other brands to his repair range. The change of name to Schulze's auto repair shop costs money on the one hand, and customer recognition has also fallen on the other. Read more about expansion!

4. Simplicity

The entrepreneur should not come up with any complicated name structures for his company. The company name should be simple and memorable.

5. Abbreviations

If the abbreviation makes sense, it should be used by the founder. The abbreviation does not tell whether RBS Müller is a company for straightening, building and s ... or has pipes, baths and plumbing on offer.

6. The international market

If an expansion to the international market is already planned, the founder must also do research in other languages. For example, the Lada Niva doesn't stand a chance in Spain, where ni va means something like “doesn't work”.

7. Fantasy names

If the company name should not relate to the type of company, the founder can also choose a fantasy name. A good example of this is Nivea. The word Nivea is a purely made-up word without any meaning. However, as a brand, Nivea is known worldwide. A sole proprietorship cannot operate under a purely imaginary name. He must always append his full name.

8. The region

If the founder only wants to operate his company in a certain region, it might be a good idea to name the region, e.g. Lower Franconian car repair shop Schulze. If, on the other hand, many founders come up with the same idea, the recognition value is zero.

9. Business Directory

In order to be easily found in the business directory, the company name should not necessarily begin with Z. Instead of the magic school Fröhlich, the chosen company name can also be Fröhlich's magic school.

10. Noticeability through pictures

Every child knows the purple cow (there are even those who believe cows are always purple) from Milka. Entrepreneurs should take advantage of this effect by choosing their company name.