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Virgo zodiac sign

Characteristics of the virgin

September is considered the time of harvest and the virgin born in this phase of the year therefore strives for safety and security. Ordering and structuring are your salient features. Read all about the strengths and weaknesses and the characteristics of Virgo here.

Love in the zodiac sign Virgo

As a Virgo, you don't just let your heart fly towards anyone. The saying could come from you: “So check out who binds himself forever…”. How the Virgo loves and to whom she gives her heart you can read here:

Virgo career and profession

The Virgo is a security person. It is important for her to have a good harvest at the end of the day. You can read here which professions suit the Virgo, whether she has leadership qualities and whether she is the typical career person:

The virgin woman

The Virgo woman is not a home at the stove waiting for the husband to find her way home while she diligently and diligently cleans the house ... Find out everything about the Virgo woman here.

The virgin man

As a Virgo man, you are solid in your actions. Somewhat more striking than with the Virgo woman, but not in a negative sense, your skills for analysis and structures stand out. Find out everything about the man as a virgin here:

The virgin as a partner

Once you have embarked on the risk of a relationship, you are reliable and solid in the partnership. However, your partner must always make sure that everything stays balanced below the total line. Here you can find out everything about the Virgo as a partner.

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Short version For those in a hurry: the zodiac sign Virgo in a nutshell

Just like the zodiac sign Taurus and the zodiac sign Capricorn, Virgo is one of the earth signs. The Virgo tends to ponder a lot about herself and her environment - she is a head person and tries to control her emotions with her mind, but she does not always succeed. The Virgo is also very neat, determined and reliable - it almost never happens that a Virgo does not keep an appointment. However, she is not very sociable, unlike those born in the zodiac sign Leo, she shies away from the limelight, but likes to pull the strings in the background. Security is very important to Virgo - she is thrifty and likes to amass possessions and riches.

People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are often intelligent and have razor-sharp minds. Most importantly, they have excellent memories and are easy to learn and knowledge. With virtues such as diligence, punctuality, order and determination, you can go far in life.

Virgo is critical of others and her sharp tongue is notorious, but they themselves are not very good at dealing with criticism and can be easily unsettled by it. In terms of temperament, Virgos are rather cool and sober - they often suffer a little from their lack of emotion.

The Virgo longs for regular relationships and therefore strives for a stable relationship in any case. It is very difficult for her to build trust in a partner, which can often lead to jealousy and problems in the early stages of a relationship. She offers and expects loyalty and honesty from her partner. Favorable partners for im Virgo zodiac sign Those born are Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus.