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Make more sales - 10 top measures for your business

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If you have your Increase sales and sell more you will find 10 top measures to increase sales and for additional sales. A lot more sales. Your company will be catapulted and changed to a new level. Fundamental. Sustainable.

Increase Sales Measure # 1 - Analyze

Analyzes in companies - too many in large companies and few to none in small companies. In order to increase sales in your company, however, it is crucial to continuously analyze and also pay attention to sales figures, such as:

  • Number of existing customer contacts
  • Number of new prospects and leads
  • Key figures of your online activities such as Facebook fans, XING contacts, etc.
  • Number of purchases from new customers and average sales
  • Number of products and services per customer
  • Contribution margin per customer (do you even earn money with them?) As well as product and service

Increase sales Measure # 2 - Cooperate

Everywhere you look, competition, competition, battles for market share and customers. Companies sometimes (not always) increase their sales, but do away with profit margins and profits.

The solution is cooperation. Well implemented, good collaborations can increase your sales and in some cases even provide dramatic additional sales.

Which collaborations are conceivable, for example:

  • Joint offers, products or services
  • Mutual customer recommendations
  • Advertisement for a free product from the cooperation partner in their own newsletter
  • Write guest blogs
  • Mutual liking and sharing of posts on social media

Cooperations make a lot of sense with regard to increasing sales when the cooperation partners have the same target group, but do not overlap but complement each other.

Increase Sales Measure # 3 - Delegate

Do you do a lot yourself and give up little or nothing at all? Stop doing that and start delegating tasks that don't increase sales.
You need time to generate additional sales. So do the following:

  • List everything you do
  • Calculate how much your time is worth to the company per hour
  • Mark those things that someone else does well enough and costs significantly less per hour than you do
  • Step by step outsource all those activities

Increase Sales Measure # 4 - Reduce

If you want to generate more sales, start leaving things out - even against your intuition. Why? Often less is more. In order to be able to achieve more sales successfully, you first need a clean analysis (see sales increase measure # 1), then reduce the following points in your company:

  • Products and services from your offer, possibly also entire business areas - this leads to a clean positioning
  • Products and services but also customers who cause too much effort for too little sales (and contribution margin)
  • Target groups in order to tailor your offer even better to the remaining customer segments

Increase Sales Measure # 5 - Create

If you want to increase your sales, it is often very effective to narrow your offer, but to make it much deeper. The aim is to dominate a topic / subject area that is not too big, instead of just being one of many in a big pond. After reducing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my target group have any wishes or problems? Which are they?
  • How and with which offers do I solve this?
  • If you only sell services: Which products can I offer to complete my offer?
  • If you only sell products: What services can I offer to complete my offer?

Are there areas of detail in my core competency that I have not yet covered?
Your ideal customer will get everything from you. Meaningful collaborations (see sales increase measure # 2) also offer you another opportunity to generate additional sales.

Increase sales Measure # 6 - Digitize

For many small businesses, EPUs and self-employed service providers in particular, digitalization has opened up fantastic new opportunities to increase sales.

Package your know-how in digital products and scale. Once these are created (which initially requires some effort), you have little to no additional costs for each additional customer.


  • Automated webinars
  • Analyzes
  • E-books (Kindle, PDF etc.)
  • Checklists
  • Paid newsletters
  • Audio books
  • Podcasts

But not only products can be digitized, but also procedures, measures and processes. In customer service, for example, there are a variety of options for digitizing parts of the service (namely pre-sales and after-sales).

Increase sales Measure # 7 - Intensify

Intensify what works and generate more sales with it. But at a time when we are bombarded with thousands of messages every day and there are many providers in many ponds, you have to make extra efforts to be noticed.

So be shameless and exaggerate! Sometimes it just takes extremes.

Increase Sales Measure # 8 - Standardize

Define your know-how and everything that works in the form of processes. Written. Here you can see which processes you can still optimize or omit and in which areas you can delegate and train (new) employees.

Good standardization and well-defined processes increase productivity enormously and thus make a sustainable contribution to increasing sales.

Increase sales Measure # 9 - Automate

After the step of standardization, the automation of processes now follows. Automation is one of the essential measures to increase sales. Many software automation tools are nowadays very cheap or even free, such as:

  • Social media mail programs like Hootsuite, Edgar or Buffer or
  • Survey programs like Surveymonkey
  • Email marketing programs (such as Active Campaign)

Increase Sales Measure # 10 - Invest

Focus on investments that have a return on investment (ROI). The best investments are often those that you don't have to but should make, such as

  • in building your customer contacts
  • in the development of new products and services
  • in your own expertise and skills, such as in the form of
  • Books
  • Online courses
  • Business coaching
  • Sales training
  • in additional employees and outsource more or
  • use more manpower to do more of what works
  • in more awareness and reach through classic advertising, Facebook Ads or Google AdWords

It is particularly important to invest when:

  • it's going very well - so that it stays that way and
  • it doesn't work - so that it gets better and you increase sales

With these promising measures to increase sales, you are now well equipped to expand your additional sales. You can find out how you can further consolidate and expand your knowledge here in the free download "Business coaching to increase sales!".

Ideas to increase sales for your business

Increase sales - increase sales and growth does not take place continuously, but in leaps and bounds. These are triggered by the fact that you Measures to increase sales that will fundamentally change your business.

I wish you success!

10 top measures to increase sales is a how-to expert contribution by the keynote speaker and entrepreneur Roman Kmenta

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Mag. Roman Kmenta is a keynote speaker and speaker internationally, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

He advises companies and coaches entrepreneurs - B2B and B2C - in the field of sales and marketing and supports them in achieving higher prices, fees and profit margins.

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