Why is diet and exercise not enough

lose weight without exercise - what's the point?

Drink water regularly (calorie-free) - and drink little or no alcohol, on the one hand it has calories and on the other hand inhibits fat loss.

Chew your food extensively. Prevents digestive problems and you will be full faster!

Eat less than your body needs. If you've been consistent in weight so far, try the uncomplicated FDH diet. Reduce your portion sizes by half and see how you are doing with it. If this makes you too hungry, increase it again. But not as much as you have eaten so far ;-)

Eat 3-5 meals a day to prevent hunger pangs.

First, put lettuce and vegetables on your plate. You have unlimited access to the salad and vegetables! Eat more of it than you've eaten before. Caution: Be careful with dressings and sauces, these are often hidden energy bombs.
Eat a piece of fruit the size of an apple once a day.

Protect Your Muscles - Eat Enough Protein! As a reference value, you can count on 0.8g per kg of body weight. https://www.dge.de/presse/pm/wie-viel-protein-brauchen-wir/ For me that's 70 * 0.8 = 56g protein per day. With clever combinations (keyword biological value) the amount can also be reduced if necessary.

Carbohydrates are your friends. They provide you with the energy to stay physically and mentally efficient. The fiber it contains provides food for your intestinal bacteria. Whole grains are of course ideal - but not a must. The old Kaiser-König-Bettelmann principle works very well in the initial phase of losing weight. Oatmeal porridge in the morning as a source of energy for the day. Delicious potatoes as a side dish at lunchtime and little or no carbohydrates in the evening, depending on your hunger.

Eat fats! High-quality oils, nuts and fish should not be missing. Your body breaks down fat when you lose weight. However, body fat does not contain the high-quality fatty acids that you consume when you eat. Your body urgently needs them. Therefore, eat fat even when losing weight. In moderation instead of in bulk.

Eat what you want once a week as normal. So please no "cheat day" on which you stuff everything you can get your hands on into yourself until you can no longer. You can't eat that little for the rest of the week to make up for this cheat day. What I mean: go to your favorite Italian restaurant. Have a cup of red wine or eat the chocolate cake with your mom. Just a normal day when you don't count calories and enjoy your food without a guilty conscience. Good for the soul. And by the way, you show your body or your metabolism that everything is fine. There is no famine. You can continue to work normally with peace of mind.

What is the best thing to eat when I want to get slim?

Low-carb, paleo, and sugar-free are very popular diet trends right now. If you have an average energy requirement of 1,900 kcal and only eat 1,200 kcal, the numbers on your scales will first tumble quickly. In the short term, your body doesn't care whether you are on a pineapple, steak, potato or Nutella diet.Warning: In the long term, your body protects itself if you starve it so quickly and it quickly learns to reduce its needs!
In nutrition, the mix is ​​important, it is important that you provide yourself with all the necessary nutrients.

  • Your body needs carbohydrates (energy), protein (building material) and fat (cell walls).
  • And without vitamins, minerals and trace elements there is a problem with the processes in the body and you are plagued by various symptoms such as: tiredness, bad mood, headache, constipation and many more.

A friend recommended whey protein for weight loss, do I need it?

No. It is unnecessary to lose weight. Whether you gain or lose weight depends never from a single food / nutrientfrom.

There are good meal replacement products - but stamina is still required

If you are very overweight and need to lose weight urgently, there are medically and dietologically supported programs. These are initially worked with protein shakes and the like to facilitate the change in everyday life. Shakes because you are consuming very little energy at the beginning of these programs. With normal foods, you could not provide your body with sufficient building material (= protein) and nutrients (vitamins) in this phase. The products in the programs give you both. Disadvantage of all programs: the products are more expensive than normal food. In the long term, weight loss programs with shakes offer no advantages over individual weight loss strategies. Provided you stick it out and don't fall back into old patterns, it depends on you whether you achieve your goal.

What is whey anyway?

Whey protein is made from whey. Soy protein is also added to some products. The composition is different for the individual brands, so be careful as allergy sufferers! Whey protein has a very high quality composition of amino acids (protein building blocks) and is easy to digest. It can be a good addition to the diet when there are illnesses. Even in very old age, when only little is eaten, you can use it to make meals more substantial.

Consume with measure and aim

With protein supplements in the form of bars, powders, shakes, etc., you always have to think about your kidneys too. These can be overwhelmed by the removal of the protein waste products and can be permanently damaged! Recommendation: No more than 2g of protein per kg of body weight per day. If you are already stressed and impaired kidney function - hands off such protein concentrates anyway!

Be critical!

A lot of money can be made with protein. From youth to senior. In the fitness center and at the hairdresser's. Everyone takes it - everyone recommends it. In individual cases still entitled in competitive sport - but mostly superfluous in normal everyday hobby sport.
Eat normal foods as a good source of protein. For example: pulses, eggs, cereal products (e.g. oat or spelled flakes), tofu, curd cheese, cheese, fish, meat.

How much weight can I lose without exercising?

This question can not be answered generally.

It is important to understand that weight loss does not automatically lose fat is to be equated.
If you eat too little, your body also breaks down more muscle tissue, you don't move much, so it doesn't need them that much. In addition, it also nibbles on your storage fat in the body. As soon as the number on the scales is right for you, you will eat normally again. Yo-yo sends his regards, your body has learned to get by with less energy, you have a little less muscle mass than before the diet (= and you use less energy as a result) - that's exactly what we want to avoid with a permanent change in diet.

What we need our muscles for

Muscles support your spine, they ensure that you get from A to B. They help us dance, hug, walk, laugh, eat, write, sit, stand, run, just about anything. Our organs are also muscles - and even people who don't like to move appreciate a pumping heart ;-)
And the more muscle tissue you lose (are consumers in your body), the less energy your body needs to meet its needs.
With regular checks and a well-balanced diet, muscle loss can be kept to a minimum. I would be happy to advise you on this in my practice or on a short free nutrition phone call!