What is it like to be homeless


The word shelter means home, place to sleep or shelter. So a homeless person is someone who doesn't have an apartment. There can be many reasons for people becoming homeless. Some lose their homes in earthquakes or other natural disasters and become homeless. Other people do not have an apartment because they can no longer afford the rent. Common causes of homelessness are unemployment, illness, family problems, or drug addiction.

Homeless in Germany

Nobody knows exactly how many people live on the streets in Germany. Experts estimate that around 678,000 people were homeless in 2018. Most of them are adults. But there are also children and young people who live alone on the street. Many of them have experienced quarrels or even violence in their families and have therefore run away from home.

How do you live on the street?

Those who do not have an apartment often spend the whole day outdoors, for example in parks or in public places. When it is raining or cold, many homeless people seek shelter in subway stations or train stations. In order to be able to pay for food and clothing, for example, homeless people in Germany receive money from the state. In addition, many cities offer homeless people sleeping places in homeless shelters.

Help for the homeless

Since state support for homeless people is often insufficient, other organizations also offer help for the homeless. For example, they support the search for a job or an apartment. Many cities also have food distributors for the homeless or doctors who treat homeless people free of charge.

Status: December 22nd, 2020, 5:29 pm