Why do rich people dominate poor people

Rich worry about material things: The Schickedanz syndrome


I can hardly believe it. Is the author really so narrow-minded as to believe that Schickedanz syndrome only applies to "the rich" and does not also apply to "the poor"?

The so-called "Schickedanz Syndrome", fear of relegation, is the reverse of the principle of why this world exists. In fact, it has become what it is because of the so-called "Schuckedanz Syndrome". but just because of the Schickedanz syndrome of most people!

Since this group, most of the people, prefer to watch and even let others die if necessary (15 million starvation deaths per year), this need is still present within humanity, although we have had the opportunity to avert it for a long time.

But what did I write. so you do not understand that bdu is also meant. So:

Are you one of those people who, at least sometimes, don't stand up for others for fear of risking your own status?

I experience so many people who come from all walks of life and precisely because of that pretend to be deaf, blind and mute, if not dead.

Armor-piercing projectiles, which are radioactive, have been used for 40 years. For years it has been proven that in war zones like Iraq, misdeveloped children are born (http://www.nuoviso.tv/krieg-und-frieden/kriegsverserver.html). Every soldier in Afghanistan, including Germans, noticed the radioactive radiation! Many of them to such an extent that their genes are also damaged. They too will have children. Perhaps it will finally be so far that the Schickedanz syndrome will be overcome and such aspects will be discussed in the mainstream media and the taz.

Schickedanz syndrome, company car affair, Guttenberg paper ...

No Already clear: There is really nothing more important than such a journalism that distracts from the real tasks.

But this journalism is only made possible by the fact that such articles are wonderfully suited to distract from the reader's own problem and deficit.

Why deal with your own self-confidence, your own thinking, your own opinion, your own behavior and possibly uncover what is sabotaging in them, when I can deal with such "important" things as judging others so that I feel better myself?

Schickedanz Syndrome ...

Yes, man made the tragic mistake of sacrificing this principle of "Together we can achieve more" to the modern God of man.

Instead of working together for the continued existence of the species and the world, as well as the reduction of hunger and hardship, wars and unwanted human labor, for most of us it is only about power and possibilities through which our own inability can be compensated with money should.

What was not understood, but has been the subject of studies several times:

"A healthy self-confidence does not need power or money to be expressed." And "The level of satisfaction decreases disproportionately with the level of prosperity."

In other words: the first car, the first apartment creates so much sense of wellbeing that it cannot be topped by any other car or apartment.

And at some point we are emotionally dependent on the desire for more. So dependent that we no longer (want to) recognize that everything in this world is subject to a limitation. So also our prosperity and our economic growth. And then it comes to Schickedanz syndrome. But:

Schickedanz is each one of us. One more and the other less. The truly blind and fearful among us are unable to see this.

best regards

Axel Dörken