How did you get so perfect

18 loving sentences to the most precious people in our lives: Our children!

In advance in the video: Everyday life with children - How to manage your to-dos anyway

Video by Inga Back

1. I am always there for you. Always!

The most important thing to know is that you will never be alone because I am always by your side. With everything that awaits you in your life, in the beautiful but especially in the difficult times, I am at your side with words and deeds. If you're little, anyway. But even if you're grown up and have long since left the house. I do not impose myself. But I'm always there when you need me

2. I love you exactly as you are!

Not best in class? Not the fastest runner? Not the best singer? It doesn't matter. Because in my eyes you are perfect - just the way you are.

3. Everyone makes mistakes. It is OK.

Nobody can do everything - and certainly not right away. So it doesn't matter if you don't always succeed in everything. The only important thing is that you don't give up and lose heart. Keep trying, you will get better. And I will help you and support you.

4. Take care of the people around you.

I want to teach you the importance of charity. That you don't close your eyes to what's going on around you. So that you not only take care of yourself, but also take care of the people around you. Because we all live together in this world and have to stick together.

5. Take good care of yourself!

I would love to wrap you in cotton wool and never let my eyes go for a moment. Because my biggest fear is that something could happen to you! Unfortunately, I can't always take care of you, I just have to let go. So don't be angry when I call after you for the hundredth time: "Be careful!" or "Put on your bike helmet!" Take good care of your life because you only have one thing.

6. You are something very special - just like every person.

You are unique and very special! You should never forget that. You should always know what you are worth! But you should never forget that every person in this world is unique and valuable. Therefore value yourself - and value the people around you as well!

7. Make other people happy!

I would like to share with you everything that is beautiful that I experience. Because if you share happiness, it gets even bigger! Therefore share your laughter, your joy, your energy and your happiness with others! They will give it back to you double and triple, you will see.

8. Don't shut yourself up. Try new things!

Now that you are little, life seems infinitely long to you. But believe me, it is not. So use your days wisely and wisely. Don't close yourself off to new things, people, or situations. Be brave and try new things! Because this is the only way to get ahead in your life! And that's the only way you can look back at the end of your life and say: I took every chance!

9. Follow your dreams!

If you have a great wish, then pursue it! It doesn't matter whether you dream of owning your own pony, developing a new type of ice cream or becoming Federal Chancellor one day. It's in your own hands! If you firmly believe in yourself and your vision and work hard for it, you can achieve anything! And even if it doesn't work, you can say with a clear conscience that I've tried!

10. You are beautiful / smart / talented / creative / etc!

I can't tell you enough about how amazing you are! And I want you to never forget it! Never let yourself be reduced to your appearance only! You're more than 'cute' or 'pretty'! You're smart! And you are creative! You are smart! Loving! Talented! You are so many things! That's why I never tire of telling you this over and over again.

11. Dare to speak your mind!

You have your own mind and your own opinion. And that's just as well! So dare to express your opinion, because what you think is important! Sometimes one smart thought can change the whole world! But don't shut yourself off from other opinions either. Everyone has the right to be heard!

12. Treat other people with respect!

I want you to always treat other people with respect. No matter what age they are, what gender, what culture they belong to or what opinion they hold. You don't have to like everything that others do. But you still have to treat them with respect, because you too want to be respected.

13. Accept all people, even if they are different from you!

No one is better than the other, never forget that. Even if we are all different, we are all the same. So don't close yourself off from other people just because they are different from you. Accept them as they are, because you too want to be accepted by your environment. Nobody should be excluded just because they are different!

14. This world needs you!

Sometimes you might have a bad day. Or even a bad week or a bad year. And you will think to yourself: why am I in the world at all? Does it even make a difference whether I'm here or not? Believe me it makes a difference! So many people are happy that you exist! Me first! You can make so many people happy with your laugh! You can move so many people with your words! And with your big heart you can give so much love! You are important to this world!

15. Life can be tough.

I wish that only good things will happen to you in your life! That you will be happy, have a lot of money, be loved, have a career, always stay healthy and so much more! But I know the reality will likely be different. Sometimes you feel bad. Sometimes your heart gets broken. Sometimes you don't know a way out. Life is hard and not always fair. But never forget ...

16. Life is precious and beautiful!

There are so many wonderful moments in life that top all bad moments a hundred times! Always remember: rain is followed by sunshine! There is a way out of every bad situation, even if it is sometimes difficult to find. Never give up, hold on, stay strong! It's worth it, because life is beautiful and unique!

17. Always be yourself!

There will be moments when you will doubt yourself. Where you consider yourself not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not tall enough or not funny enough. There will be moments when you want to be someone else. Or where people expect you to change. But don't let yourself be bent! You are who you are and that is a good thing! Stand by yourself and what you think and do!

18. I always love you no matter what you do.

And the last thing I want to say to you, preferably every day and over and over again: I love you! And I will always love you no matter what you do! Because you are the greatest happiness in my life!

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