How was your first job

First day at work: 10 mistakes you should definitely avoid

Mistake 6: Everyone is on the same page

When you start your job, you may be the youngest employee in the company. That is why it is not your place to say goodbye to your new colleagues or even the boss. As a rule, however, you will be explained to you during the interview what the internal rule regarding duzen or siezen is. Until that is clarified, you should first use the more formal variant, the you-form.

Mistake 7: showing no interest

Do you find out about the company, the industry, the competition in advance and still ask questions? Exactly right like that! When your new work colleagues tell you about their responsibilities, show interest. Nobody wants to have someone on the team who is not interested in what they do.

Mistake 8: Spreading out in the workplace

Even if it's difficult, don't bring your collection of surprise egg toys and a picture of your hamster to the office on the first day. Take a look around what the rest of the desks look like and only then decide. Make an effort to exude a little professionalism.

Mistake 9: taking too many breaks

When you're not busy, don't sit down listless and bored. It can be helpful to look over the shoulder of others to learn. Read company-internal or industry-related literature or ask if there are tasks for you.

Error 10: Making calls and using the cell phone

It is not welcomed if you keep looking at your cell phone right from the start and keep typing messages. This also applies to phone calls. So if Grandma calls again: postpone it until later.
If you heed these tips to prevent mistakes when starting your career, your important first day at work will be a success and you'll have sympathy on your side in your job. We wish good luck!