How do people eat

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You probably know the feeling that you are hungry and want to eat something. When your mouth is dry, you want to quench your thirst. With hunger and thirst, your body shows you that it needs food and fluids. Everyone has to eat and drink. A person cannot survive without food and drink.

Why do people have to eat?
The body needs energy to play, think, work, play sports and even sleep. He gets this energy from the nutrients that the food contains. The most important nutrients are sugar and starch (they are also called "carbohydrates"), fats and proteins, vitamins and minerals. All of these nutrients are necessary for your muscles, your brain, your organs to grow and work.
Why do people have to drink?
Water is also vital. Your young body is made up of 70 percent water. Your cells, your brain, and your bloodstream all need lots of water. When breathing, sweating and using the toilet, the body excretes fluids. So it's no wonder it's important that you drink enough. When you are thirsty, your body shows you that it needs water.
Staple food

In every region of the world there are foods that are most commonly eaten by humans. The foods that make up the main part of the diet are called "staple foods". These include, for example, wheat, rye, rice, corn, potatoes, lentils, yams (this is a type of plant that is mainly found in the tropics), fish, meat, milk and eggs. The staple foods are different in the countries of the world.

What do people often eat in Germany?

In Germany, almost everyone eats bread or rolls every day. These are made from grain, for example wheat, rye or spelled. Wheat and rye are staple foods in Germany. Over 80 percent of all people in Germany eat fresh fruit or vegetables and dairy products such as quark, milk or cheese every day. And about half of the population eats meat and potatoes every day. All of these foods are among the staple foods in Germany.