Why wasn't Hunter Biden charged?

Tax investigation against son of Joe Biden

Hunter Biden has been targeted by federal tax investigators. It is about foreign business in Ukraine and China.

The son of the future US President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, has been targeted by tax investigators of the US federal government. Hunter Biden announced on Wednesday (local time) through his father's team that his attorneys had been informed the day before by the state attorney's office in the state of Delaware for the first time about investigations by the federal authorities against him over "tax matters".

He took the matter seriously, but was confident that an objective investigation would show that he was not guilty of anything, said the 50-year-old. Biden's son was regularly the target of attacks by the now-elected President Donald Trump during the election campaign. Republican Trump, 74, raised allegations of corruption against Hunter and Democrat Joe Biden - who was Vice President from 2009 to 2017. The background to this is Hunter Biden's questionable foreign business in Ukraine and China. Hunter Biden held a lucrative position on the supervisory board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma between 2014 and 2019. As Vice President, Joe Biden was in charge of Ukraine.

According to CNN, investigations began in 2018

Joe Biden (78) had rejected the attacks against himself and his family in the election campaign as a smear campaign. His team announced on Wednesday that the future president was proud of his son. Hunter Biden faced severe challenges, "including the vicious personal attacks of the past few months". He emerged stronger from it. Hunter Biden lived unsteadily in the past, but now he speaks openly about his addiction problem.

The broadcaster CNN reported that the investigation had already started in 2018. Federal authorities had suspended them in the months leading up to the election in order to comply with regulations according to which the vote must not be influenced. Now the investigation would be resumed, in which the Federal Police FBI and the tax authority IRS are involved. Among other things, it will investigate whether Hunter Biden and his partners have violated tax and money laundering laws in their foreign business, especially in China. The investigation is not about future President Joe Biden.

Incriminating emails?

Before the election, the "New York Post" had published emails which, in the opinion of the Trump camp, should prove that Hunter Biden wanted to make profit from his father's office as Vice President under Trump's predecessor Barack Obama. The Trump camp also evaluated the emails as evidence that Joe Biden, contrary to his testimony, knew about his son's foreign business. Joe Biden flatly denied the allegations. He never commented on the details of his son's business.

It was questionable how the mails became public. They are said to have been found on a laptop in a repair shop. The "New York Post" claims to have received a copy of the hard drive from Rudy Giuliani, Trump's longtime personal lawyer and confidante. The copy was made by the owner of the repair shop before the laptop was confiscated by the FBI in December 2019, the newspaper reported at the time.

Conflict set impeachment proceedings in motion

Trump accused Joe Biden of trying to protect his son from the Ukrainian judiciary as Vice President. To this end, Trump wanted to get investigations in Ukraine. The conflict eventually sparked impeachment proceedings against the president, which ended in February with an acquittal in the Senate, where Trump's Republicans have a majority. Trump's defense attorneys argued at the time that Hunter Biden's role on Burisma's board of directors was a clear conflict of interest.

The Republicans in the Senate had submitted an 87-page report at the end of September, which included Hunter Biden's position on the Burisma board of directors. The report said that two Obama administration officials found Hunter Biden's job problematic because of a potential conflict of interest. The vice president's office and State Department officials ignored these concerns. The report did not contain any evidence of influencing US policy towards Ukraine.

Joe Biden won the US presidential election on November 3rd. Trump continues to refuse to admit defeat. He sees himself deprived of victory by electoral fraud, but has not presented any evidence. Dozens of lawsuits filed by his attorneys against results in various states have been thrown out. Most recently, a lawsuit before the US Supreme Court failed. Biden is to be sworn in as the new president on January 20th.

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