Iron can help reduce water retention

Tea preparation from real sweet clover

8 teaspoons of the chopped fresh or dried plant are scalded with 1 liter of boiling water. After about 10 minutes you can strain the tea and drink it throughout the day.

Important: Sweet clover can have a blood-thinning effect under certain conditions, which is why it is better not to be taken by people who are already taking blood-thinning medication (Marcumar, aspirin, etc.).

Furthermore, since coumarin can damage the liver if used improperly (overdoses), one should strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations for use and have liver values ​​checked from time to time.

* You can find sweet clover herb for tea preparation here under this link.

Horse chestnut improves blood circulation in the vessels

The horse chestnut is also mainly used for venous problems. The plant improves blood circulation in the vessels, reduces the tendency to develop varicose veins and phlebitis. In addition, it seals the walls of the blood vessels so that no more fluid can pass into the tissue.

The horse chestnut regulates the pressure in the blood vessels, edema is eliminated, the veins are strengthened and the venous blood circulation is stimulated.

Tea preparation from horse chestnut blossoms

Pour 1/2 teaspoon of dried flowers per cup with hot water and let it steep for 5 minutes. You can drink 3 cups of the tea throughout the day. The horse chestnut is often used externally as a tincture, ointment or gel.

* You can find horse chestnut flowers for making tea here at this link.

Butcher's broom helps with venous problems

Butcher's broom is also extremely helpful for all types of vein problems. Its active ingredients stimulate the muscle cells in the venous vessel walls and thus increase their elasticity. The plant also reduces the permeability of the vessels, so that less water can escape from the vessels.

Butcher's broom also improves the activity of the lymph vessels so that stored water can be removed more quickly. Butcher's broom is an excellent alternative for people who are sensitive to horse chestnut.

Making tea from butcher's broom

Put 1 teaspoon of the root in 250 ml of cold water, bring to the boil and cover, let stand next to the stove for 5 to 10 minutes. Spread over two doses a day.

* Butcher's broom root for tea preparation can be found here under this link.

Drink plenty of water while you are draining

Please keep in mind that any type of drainage excretes a great deal of body water. In order to compensate for this water loss, it is absolutely necessary to drink enough water - depending on the weather and the salt content of the diet, about 1.5 to 2.5 liters.

Ready-made preparations for edema on the market

Numerous mixtures of different plants with a dehydrating and vascular strengthening effect are commercially available as ready-made preparations.

They are available as tea, fresh plant juice and tincture, as capsules for food supplements or for external use as an ointment or gel.

In pharmacies you will find over-the-counter medications with exclusively herbal ingredients that can be recommended for edema. Get in-depth advice there.

What else to do if you have edema

Below is some advice that can also help strengthen blood vessels and connective tissue:

  • Raise legs (as often as possible)
  • Walk barefoot over meadows and in the snow (whenever the opportunity arises)
  • daily alternating showers
  • Perform special exercises daily to strengthen the veins (alternating walking on tiptoe and heel, cycling on your back, etc.)
  • stroke the legs from bottom to top every day
  • warm (38 ° C) alkaline baths for deacidification
  • Wear alkaline stockings overnight
  • in the case of inflammation-related edema, cold compresses or compresses

Note: You can do a lot yourself to strengthen your veins, activate lymph flow and thus reduce edema. However, self-treatment should always be preceded by a doctor's visit.

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