What is a boutique agency

Small but nice: boutique agencies

Renowned advertisers increasingly prefer the so-called «herd» for their strategic projects to small boutique agencies. These boutique agencies are not only “trendy” but also impress with their simple feed formula: Well-structured and flexible thanks to flat hierarchies, clear responsibilities and competencies and equipped with young, dynamic creatives who are always on the prowl for unusual, unique and innovative ideas .

The large agencies often have outdated, complex process structures and operate with high personnel capacities, which also complicates the communication between the client and the creative. In addition, such a working style causes higher costs in the advertising forest. The advantages are in mother nature: boutique agencies are extremely flexible. You are a pack of wild creative deer. The advertiser is offered attractive conditions and direct, immediate contact with the talented executives.

Boutique agencies are the insider tip for advertisers and a cost-sensitive alternative to the classic large agencies.

PIXELHIRSCH is a trendy, wild, unique and innovative «boutique agency». The closed season is over. Change your herd and go to the area of ​​a boutique agency.

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