What should be done for instant happiness

Together to Gross National Happiness!

# DanceYouHappy

Stress, bad mood or listlessness? There is a panacea for this - namely dancing! That is why there is now the big ministerial campaign # TanzDic ...
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# WRITTEN HAPPY reloaded!

Together we are less alone: ​​In times of physical distance, warm words and happy thoughts help! The popular campaign will be resumed for a short time ...
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In times of social isolation, it is more important than ever to develop interpersonal relationships in a different and creative way. Pulls out paper and pens and ...
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Small big thank you

It is often lost in everyday life to give other people a sincere thank you. Appreciative words are a real lucky charm. For …
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# Self-praise is true

Often we lose ourselves in self-doubt, have no good words for ourselves, sometimes talk badly to us even in our thoughts, think we are not ...
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# Lucky charm

Who is your personal lucky charm? Is there a special person in your life that you urgently want to say thank you to? Sometimes it's a word, a ra ...
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