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1 past perfect - rules, examples

The past perfect

The past perfect is formed with 'haben' and 'sein' as well as the participle of the verb.

Application of the past perfect

If you describe an event in the past and want to say that something happened before that, then you use the past perfect tense. The past perfect is formed with the prteritum of 'haben' (I said) and 'sein' (I was).

Examples of sentences in the past perfect

Daniel wrote a German test.
Beforewould have Daniel long practiced.

TenseThe application of the times
past continuousHappened before some point in the past

The formation of the past perfect

Tenseweak verbsstrong verbs
past continuous

I had bought
you bought
he bought
we had bought
you bought
they had bought

I was singing
you were singing
he had sung
we had sung
you had sung
they had sung

Formation of the past perfect - 'to be' and 'have'

Tense have (infinitive) to be (infinitive)
past continuous

I was lucky
you were lucky
he was lucky
we were lucky
you were lucky
they were lucky

I was gone
you were gone
he was gone
we were gone
you were gone
they were gone

Examples of the past perfect

Before she went to soccer training, she had already studied.
I fell asleep after doing homework.

Past perfect (past perfect)

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The past perfect, rules, examples, exercises

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