What do Sirius Black's tattoos mean

Harry Potter 3: Did You Know? There is meaning in Sirius Black's tattoos, full of suffering

In the third part, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, we meet an over and over tattooed Sirius Black. But do you as fans know the deeper meaning of the body painting of Harry's godfather?

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the third part of the series, we meet for the first time the character who gives the film its title: Sirius Black. Harry Potter fans have long adored the dog animagus, old James Potter friend and Harry's godfather, of course. But did you know that Sirius Blacks tattooed torso charged with meaning is?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: There's more to Sirius' tattoos

Harry Potter 3 changed a lot of the original, including Sirius Black. Harry Potter readers are sure to be amazed at first sight that the Prisoner of Azkaban, different than in the novel, has numerous tattoos in the movie.

Harry Potter 3: A tattooed Sirius Black

This design decision gives the character an extra dark touch. But there is more to the tattoos - in fact: one hidden meaning.

So let's take a closer look at Gary Oldman's torso. Before we get into Runes and explanations fall, it is worth studying all the signs on Harry's godfather in depth:

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What is the meaning of Sirius Black's tattoos?

Runic-savvy Reddit users have pre-buttoned the individual symbols in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and have come across amazing Harry Potter discoveries. You let Sirius Black's chest into one Easter Egg-Let the meadow mutate, to which we have added a few of our own observations:

  • First things first: the central chalice-like symbol on the breastbone is the alchemical symbol for merger and associated with the gray wolf. Certainly because the Animagus Sirius (friend of the werewolf Lupine) not only unites dog and human in the name.
  • The lower left mark on the chest muscle is the tilted alchemy symbol for steel and could vouch for the strength of Harry's godfather. It is also often related to, according to Basil Druid magical defense.
  • The cut halo on the left (i.e. Sirius' right) arm stands for sal ammonia in alchemy, which in turn includes Jupiter is associated. So another celestial body after the dog star Sirius?
  • The large oblique cross on the top right of the chest is the Naudiz rune and means suffering or suffering. Need. Sirius Black, who has been innocently locked up for years, has to endure a lot of that.
  • The Yr rune (looks like a gallows leg, above the navel) is actually the Algiz rune (life) turned upside down and is therefore generally popular as Death rune interpreted. Is there already a prediction of Sirius' end here?

Take another look at Sirius Black in the Harry Potter 3 trailer

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Trailer (German) HD

Other tattooed runes that found their way onto Sirius Black's torso in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban are even more nebulous:

  • The central oblique F is the rune Ansuz from the Futhark rune series. As Odins divine rune can she stand up for a lot, e.g. also for divine knowledge (magic?), spiritual power (Sirius brief return thanks to the Resurrection Stone?) and communication (if Sirius had better communicated that he is innocent).
  • What the hail, which is associated with the rune Hag (like an X on the I under the navel), is supposed to have to do with Sirius, is difficult to guess (bad weather with Grimm sighting at Quidditch?).
  • The rotated celtic cross top left puzzles that remain undeciphered.

Whether the model for Sirius Black's tattoos were really Russian prison gangs, who use tattoos to indicate the rank of the respective inmate, remains unclear with the prisoner of Azkaban.

Sirius Black for your wall
Harry Potter Wanted Poster

By the way, other searchers of traces also believe to find similarities with Hebrew / Kabbalah and the magical angelic language Enochian in Sirius' tattoos. If we could just ask Hermione, who took Old Runes at Hogwarts, for an exact explanation of the meaning.

Another fun fact about Sirius Black and rune messages is also hidden in his Wanted poster. Translated it is written there that the person who has broken out is "more or less human". Here, too, the Animagus allusion sends its regards.

Wanted poster by Sirius Black

One last possibility of interpretation should not be ruled out at the end: Possibly overinterpret Mysterious Harry Potter fans simply see the design decisions of the filmmakers here. The main goal of the tattoos is certainly to make Sirius Black appear creepier. And that has probably succeeded.

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Did you already know about the meaning of Sirius Black's tattoos in Harry Potter?