Chinese people like sex

How does the sex position "Sex in Chinese" work?

The sex position "sleigh ride", which is particularly popular in China, has nothing to do with the sled. Neither with the cold in winter or any other adventurous outdoor activity. It's just about the sex position, which gives both a very great pleasure with ecstasy:

She lies on her back, he kneels and lifts her pelvis on hisLap, this is the description for "Sex in ChineseWhat are the advantages of this variant of the simple missionary position? The nice thing about the sex position is that both he and you can orgasm during the sleigh ride. Women who otherwise have difficulties with orgasm get their money's worth here - because they The clitoris is particularly stimulated in this sex position.

Sex in Japan:

The Japanese like to use that for their love life Love hotel. The Love Hotel is a special Japanese hour hotel and is firmly integrated into everyday Japanese life.

Although it can also be used for prostitution, it is by no means to be confused with a classic brothel or brothel. Because it's not necessarily disreputable here ... ThatLove hotel rather, it is used by lovers pair visited whose walls are too thin or who still live with their parents and a bit privacy need. It will also be happy for himOne night standused or Internet acquaintances meet for amorous adventures. Love Hotels stand out for their special Themed room out. In addition to classic dungeons and clinic-like rooms, there are also Hello Kitty rooms and replicas of subways with the necessary accessories and toys. The fully automated service ensures special discretion: instead of a reception with a concierge, the rooms are booked on a computer and paid for with a credit card.