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De-registering residence in Germany: Information for main and secondary residence

When can or must I deregister my place of residence?

There are two ways why you need to take care of de-registering your residence yourself:

  • Abandonment: You move out of an apartment without moving into a new one. This is usually the case when the second home is no longer available.
  • Moving abroad: You are emigrating and will soon no longer have a place of residence in Germany.

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The Deadline for deregistration the community is relatively tight:

  • one week before moving out at the earliest
  • no later than two weeks after moving out

Most of the time, you move out of one apartment and move into another. Then you have to re-register at the residents' registration office after the move. Since the authorities are all interlinked, you do not need to deregister at your old place of residence beforehand. The office in the new church does that automatically.

Registration is mandatory in Germany, that means: If you live in Germany, you need a registration address at which you can be reached and received mail. So you are not allowed to simply deregister at the registration office without entering a new place of residence. Nor would it be recommended because many things are only possible in Germany if you have a registered address have - for example go to vote or open an account.

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What if I forget to unsubscribe?

It is not allowed to be registered in an apartment without living in it. Therefore, you should not forget to go to the registration office. There is no penalty for not deregistering a main or secondary residence. However, it is in your own interest to provide your correct reporting data. You should therefore also consider setting up a forwarding order - letters will be forwarded directly to your new place of residence.

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How can I deregister my main or secondary residence?

To deregister your place of residence, you must appear in person and present your identity card or passport. The deregistration is Toll-free.

In some registration authorities it is also possible to deregister your main or secondary residence in writing. To do this, send the completed form Registration form or an informal application and a copy of the identity card or passport by post to the appropriate authority. The important thing here is that Date of moving out to be stated and signed personally.

It is not possible to deregister a place of residence online - however, you can download the form for deregistering a place of residence in Germany online from some offices.

A second or secondary residence must be de-registered with the registration office for the main residence. This applies regardless of the municipality in which the secondary residence is located. In order to deregister the secondary residence, you can also submit the documents (completed deregistration form) to the registration authority at the secondary residence - they will forward the deregistration to the appropriate authority.

Whether online form or informal submission - there are many ways to de-register your place of residence at the registration office

Can I unsubscribe other people?

Are you landlord, you can personally deregister former residents. This is intended to prevent false residences. For this purpose, landlords are generally entitled to ask the registration authorities who is registered in their apartment.

With a Power of attorney You can also de-register the place of residence of the person required to register as a deputy. The power of attorney to deregister the place of residence should contain the following information:

  • Names and dates of birth of all persons to be de-registered and the authorized representative
  • previous and new address or main residence
  • Scope of the power of attorney (here: de-registration of the place of residence)
  • Signature of all persons to be de-registered

Some registration authorities provide forms for granting a power of attorney. When deregistering your place of residence, bring your ID or passport and a copy of the ID (s) or passports of all persons to be de-registered.