Is Dota 2 worth it

The new, old matchmaking in Dota 2

Dota 2 has long had two ways of matchmaking: fast and slow queue. The title "fast" (German "Schnell") should be used with caution. Because "fast" could quickly mean several minutes - depending on what time of day you searched or which role you selected.

The unwritten rule was: The main thing is not support! Because in general, gamers didn't want to play support heroes. Understandable, because the carry characters are a lot more fun: you sweep through the opposing ranks with them. Unfortunately, supporters are also important. Unfortunately, we still had to wait until someone was found for this position.

Stand in line less?

Valve Corporation's recent matchmaking update now seems to be taking Dota 2 a step in the right direction. In addition to a classic ranked game, in which five players form a team and then decide who takes on which role, there is now also the "Ranked Role". In this mode you have to specify from the beginning which position you want to play. But it's not that easy either, because you have to unlock ranked games first. However, this is only possible in a mode in which you cannot choose your role beforehand. Seen in this way, the changes introduced by Valve negate themselves: In order to enjoy the Ranked Role Queue, you have to queue in the "old" queue without fixed roles.


The MMR has been adjusted

For all players who have complained about the MMR values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you got on a win or lost on a loss, there is good news: The gains and losses of the MMR have been rebalanced. Instead of losing 40 MMR on a loss as before and only gaining 10 on a win, the win / loss value is now between 20 to 30 MMR.

Solo fighters benefit

Good news for all solo players as well. If you now play Dota 2 alone (without a team that you know and support), you get more MMR with a win. In comparison: players on their own team only receive 20 MMR. In Valve's own words: "We trust that a player who plays alone will show more commitment than if he is in a group. Therefore, we are ready to adjust his MMR higher / lower as the case may be."

We'll see how the new MMR / and Queue system affects the game. Until then, there are still epic "Dota 2" moments that come with a few tips and tricks. Off to the battle arena!