What does double infinity symbol mean

29 Infinity Symbol: Infinity Symbol Tattoos

A symbol that has gained great importance in recent years is the symbol of eternity. In contrast to other elements or symbols that appear on several parts of the body, the infinity symbol is completely different and in most cases it is tattooed on the wrist.

The advantage with this type of tattoo is that it is easy to combine with simple patterns with a strong meaning. This combination is difficult to find because it is not easy to express strength or create strong meaning with a symbol as simple as eternity.

On the one hand there are the couples who have this symbol tattooed and who sometimes combine it with a heart, which symbolizes a love without limits and without end. Usually the couples tattoo these patterns on the same spot, symbolizing their eternal love for one another, which never ends. Then the symbol of eternal friendship is tattooed and the assignments you make are similar to those for couples, with the difference that you assign assignments that have to do with friendship.

This symbol is valued by different cultures for its meaning of infinity and everything that goes with it. For some churches, the symbol is associated with the rebirth and process of someone being reborn infinitely (or until they reach perfection).

Another element that the infinity symbol presents is the universe and the infinity of possibilities that exist. In a way, the infinite variety of things reminds us of what can happen in our lives, the choices made and the effects that can interact with other elements and give way to new combinations, all in an infinite way.

In addition, the infinity symbol allows us to incorporate a small sentence or word into the drawing, such as: B. the importance of family, friends, a certain person, etc. In terms of color, the pattern offers few possibilities, but as we said before, with the strong meaning it has and the fascination that people have for it, that remains Color is secondary and in my opinion it is much more interesting to tattoo yourself in black so that it attracts attention than a simpler pattern.

As we can see here, in contrast to other patterns, the meaning that the pattern transmits is more important, but this only happens with a few elements. The symbol of infinity is one of them. That is not to say that they cannot be original and that there are variables (although black is the most tattooed color in terms of color), because you can have the tattoo tattooed on different parts of the body and tattoo words or small sentences on the edge .

The wrist is a good place for this tattoo symbol.

Infinity symbol tattoo in black ink.

Infinity symbol with two large wings on the sides.

I especially don't really like the design of this woman.

Snake with an infinity symbol.

Lyrics text of love and a blue infinity symbol in the middle.

It is the second tattoo that can be seen with wings.

The old design on the chest.

Shocking the place chosen for this girl.

Some couples choose these symbols to symbolize love.

Same design on both wrists and forearms.

Men also choose the back.

Tattoos as if they were rings. Newlyweds often choose these designs to symbolize the love between them.

Such strange tattoo on the arm or forearm.

Draft with text and score.

The boy and the girl are in love. Awesome tattoo for the people in love.

Other designs on the back. This girl is a fan of tattoos. She has over 10 tattoos on the back. Oriental lyrics, other fonts and a Chinese or Japanese character in the neck.

Infinity symbol and the word mother in the middle.


It's the first thing we see for the ankle.