How do I learn ancient Greek

Ancient Greek

I can highly recommend this “Ancient Greek” course by the classical philologist Günther Lang. Since I couldn't find a course in ancient Greek on site, I struggled with self-study courses in book form for a while. There is a lot that is useful on the book market, something for every level and every taste. However, they cannot come close to this course. So far I have not found anything that is nearly as clear and clearly structured.

You get a rich fund of language and cultural knowledge in two folders, divided into 32 study books. Everything is together here. No cumbersome searches in grammars and vocabulary collections. What is needed is offered for the respective lesson. At the end of each study booklet, the student has the opportunity to check his knowledge in a control that he sends to the teacher online. The tasks come back with helpful comments and corrections, which enables an intensive examination of what has been learned. You can always ask questions online. Very soon one gets into the translation of original texts by ancient authors.

The course is enhanced by the many tips and insights into ancient culture, philosophy, theater and art. The student gets a big picture of this unique spiritual cosmos, from which we still derive our identity and our values ​​today.

I really appreciated Mr. Lang's extremely competent, patient and motivating “travel companion”. A clear recommendation for this very well thought-out course by an experienced specialist in ancient languages.