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Gift ideas for men for every occasion

Gift ideas for men for every occasion

What can you give men? Are you looking for gifts for men, for example gifts for a friend on a certain occasion? Nothing easier than that. We have made it our business to put together the best men's gifts and to organize them into categories. Whether you are looking for something for your husband, brother, uncle or best friend, we have dealt extensively with the topic of gifts and gadgets and in our specially designed section we provide you with the best birthday gifts for men and numerous funny and original gift ideas that are specifically for Men are, before. It would not be right if you were on the subject Gifts for men you wouldn't find exactly the right thing here! No matter if cool bottle openers, crazy alarm clocks or personalized gifts - you will find it here!

Crazy gifts for men: from sophisticated to simply different

It's your best friend's birthday and you are looking for a present for your best friend? The colleague is celebrating his strike? Do you need an anniversary present for him? Maybe you are also looking for gifts for brother? Or would you like to thank your dad, uncle and cousin for their help with moving, repairing your car or installing your PC? Then we have something for you: lots of original ones Gift ideas for men who are just as special as the recipient himself. Because nothing is more boring than presents that just make you yawn. Together with Marty McMonster we are looking for you attractive, silly and extraordinary men's gifts made. And now you can lean back and browse through the large selection - so that you can find something suitable for brothers-in-law, friends and flatmates in no time at all. Don't you have much time left? Even then you are in the right place online in the Monsterzeug shop: We send our men's gifts within 24 hours.

Original gift ideas for men: funny, special and surprising!

Even if many men are grumpy about gifts when it comes to giving gifts - if they are among the recipients, the joy is great. Provided, of course, that it is also original men's giftsthat have the potential to be burner. But what makes cool gifts for men really successful? Ideally, the present covers one or more of the following aspects:
  • ... it fits the preferences (hobby, style, etc.) of the recipient
  • is out of the ordinary and never been there with relatives or friends
  • ... it expresses that it was chosen with love and that the giver had thought about it
  • ... it contains one funny surprise or one special gag
  • ... it is practical and makes everyday life easier
  • ... it ensures a good mood in the long term and is a constant reminder of the occasion
  • is personalized and so individually tailored to the recipient
  • ... it is for entertainment and doesn't give boredom a chance
  • ... it looks cool and is a real eye-catcher

Men's gifts: which gift for a man suits which type?

For everyone who is looking for a cool gift and doesn't really know how to go about it, we have created a small typology: How would you classify the recipient? For example, if it's a joker who is always up for a joke, Funny Gifts for Men are recommended. But read on and find out which gift is best for men!
  • Connoisseur: This is where presents score that make eating or drinking even better. About one Doner kebab grill for delicious gyros at home or a personalized whiskey glass for a well-deserved sip after work.
  • Globetrotter: The vacation junkie loves to talk about traveling and discover new destinations. So that he can keep track of things, he gets the scratch map in nostalgic style: a world map that can be "scratched off" bit by bit like a ticket and becomes more and more colorful.
  • Joker: Humorous men love gags. The older, the bigger - and that also applies to the quiet place. Here you score with fun items like the toilet basketball set or the talking toilet paper roll.
  • Office worker: Order fanatics will be happy about a USB vacuum cleaner - no more crumbs in the keyboard! Or the classic: a whole personal coffee mugthat puts you in a good mood every day. Because, as is well known, nothing works in the office without coffee.
  • Hipster: characterized by jute bags, mate lemonade and Berlin obsession. And should be about a trendy beard cap, as well as about that engraved breakfast pad with stylish icons.
  • Party animal: Those who like to party will love gifts that boost the mood and get the evening going: That would be party games like that, for example Beer cubes or the drinking game - roulette. Optimal souvenirs are also Bottle openers that count, or with a funny one Bottle cap firing function wait up.
  • Nerd: Tinkerers love technology - for example a mini solar charger for mobile devices that provides power with solar energy. Or that animated geek t-shirt with LED technology.

Enough gift ideas for men? Or have you not yet found the ultimate gift for men and want to be on the safe side? Then we recommend our top sellers - often bought and found to be good!

What to give men for a birthday? Find cool birthday gifts for men here

The same thing every year: What do you give your husband, partner, friend, work colleague, husband or even boss in honor of their birthday? Actually, he has everything and if he has a gift, then please nothing boring or everyday. That is exactly why we have put together this category, which also specializes in birthday gifts for men. Here you will find almost everything, just guaranteed nothing that is not even remotely original, funny or unusual. Our birthday gifts for men stand for creativity and therefore we are sure that you will find a suitable birthday present for men in this list. Browse through our range and be amazed at what we have in store for men on the special day. Shopping couldn't be easier: browse the category and find what you are looking for - for the ultimate birthday present for men!

Anniversary gifts for him

Are you looking for a special anniversary present for him? It should be something special, after all, you don't want to give away flowers or anything? We have put together everything you can give your husband on the anniversary. And one thing is never guaranteed: boring! Browse through the list of our anniversary gifts for him and find the right one for your sweetheart. The selection was made of already cool products - therefore you will only find the main prizes here and we can almost promise that your chosen one will be happy about our men's gifts. Just take a look through it and be amazed - there is a lot to discover for your husband on the anniversary!

Gifts for men who have it all

It is not easy with the male species: everything they need they buy for themselves and everything else they usually do not want or it is not affordable. But still there have to be extraordinary gift ideas that your boyfriend, husband, buddy or work colleague will like, right? Yes, there is - here at Monsterzeug. Our gifts for men who have everything will save you the eternal search for gifts. For men who already have everything, you will still find it here: This list contains funny, practical, curious and much more ... But one thing is never - namely boring! Have a look through and we promise that you will definitely find a cool gift for a man. We have original!

Gift ideas for men - discover top sellers now!

In the Monsterzeug online shop you will find crazy, personalized and inexpensive Christmas gifts for men, but also men's gifts for birthdays, fathers day, etc. Our top sellers are particularly popular:
  • Ideal for everyone who is looking forward to the annual grilling. Steaks and Co. can be individually labeled with the grill sir - not just a hit in summer.
  • For drivers who like to park too long, there’s one moving parking meter - Not approved for road traffic regulations, but a great gag.
  • The magical money gift box is not only the ideal setting for money, but also gives the recipient a little puzzle.
  • Where's my drink again? The engraved beer glass makes long searches superfluous - thanks to modern laser technology, you can see at first glance which is your very own glass. Makes a great gift for the husband!
  • An impressive gift for fathers for great merits, as well as for a birthday, Father's Day or anniversary: ​​The winner statue - cup expresses the appreciation of the giver and is a special award.

No matter whether you just want to say thank you, would like to give something to move in or are looking for personalized gifts for husband: We have been looking for the best ideas for you - discover gifts for men that don't miss out on fun! Here you will find the answer to the question: What should you give men?

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