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Pigs have a very varied diet if you let them - they will eat almost anything. Grass alone is not enough to give the animals a balanced diet. It is therefore important that versatility is considered in the feed so that it can develop optimally. You can find out which foods are suitable for this here.


Pigs need a lot of nutrients.

In addition to rats and humans, pigs are one of the few species that can really be called Omnivores can denote. It doesn't matter whether it's animal or vegetable Food, the pig is fine with both. This versatility naturally has the advantage that the animals are not in a small group of races like other breeds Food are dependent, but almost all over find something to eat. Pigs are anything but picky: if they are kept in a pasture, they can do up to half of theirs Nutritional needs cover by eating grass.

One disadvantage of omnivores, however, is that, unlike animals that specialize in a certain diet, they can not only eat almost anything, but also themselves versatile need to feed. This is important for her to keep up with everyone vital To be supplied with nutrients and not malnourished to be. Especially when the animals are not only kept for fun, but also a few kilograms Slaughter weight to bring on the scales is something richer Food necessary as grass.

Versatile nutrition for versatile animals

An excellent one Food for pigs is grain such as oats, corn or barley, also in the form of meal or flour. Also Flour products such as old bread, which can easily be softened, are suitable for them feeding. In earlier times, pigs were therefore not infrequently fattened to a large extent from what was in the kitchen of the farming family left stayed. Bran, linseed and alfalfa are also popular. root vegetable like potatoes, parsnips or carrots are excellent pig feed, whether raw or cooked. In addition, you can orientate yourself on what the wild conspecifics of the domestic pigs eat in the local forests. Herbs, acorns and beechnuts are for Domestic pigs just as a treat as for Wild boars.


The choice of feed is huge.

It all comes down to proteins

Anyone who does weight training knows how important proteins are for that Muscle growth are. It is no different for the approach of lean meat in pigs. The requirement in protein can be obtained by feeding them rich in protein Legumes and in part also by what the animals find when they walk through the ground during the day pasture dig. Also maggots, larvae and other things little animal is very rich in proteins and is also eaten by pigs. For the quality of the meat, it is certainly an advantage if the animals have to move around a little to get to it eat to come and for the good of the pigs anyway. Of course, the protein requirement can also be met by feeding meat or fish meal.

In the case of species-appropriate keeping outdoors, where the animals have enough space to root, as well as one feeding with what a garden offers, this is not necessary at all. Only animals that are pregnant or have piglets to suckle should be kept an eye on adequate supply throw with animal proteins. In addition to the nutrition It is also essential to ensure that the animals always have access to sufficient fresh water.


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