How big is a normal fuel tank

Car: tank volume and range

Volume varies by model

The vehicle manufacturer determines the volume of the tank. There are no fixed sizes. For a better overview, the vehicle manufacturers integrate tanks in their cars, which have a round value as tank volume. As a general rule, larger cars can also fill up more. This is related on the one hand to the fuel consumption, but on the other hand also to the larger space available. Big cars are longer and wider, so a larger tank can also be integrated.

Smaller cars have an average volume of 40 liters, while large vehicles have around 80 or even 100 liters. The range is between 600 and 1200 kilometers. However, these are only guidelines; there is no fixed relationship between the class of the vehicle and the size of the tank. Nevertheless, it is possible to determine the range for each vehicle. There is a formula for this that relates the average fuel consumption to the tank volume. It can be used in most passenger cars.

Calculate coverage with a simple formula

The higher the fuel consumption and the smaller the tank, the shorter the range of the vehicle on one tank of fuel. Conversely, a large tank in an economical vehicle has a longer range. To calculate the range, you first need the average fuel consumption of the vehicle. You can use the third mix specified by the manufacturer as a basis if you want to determine an average. Alternatively, it is possible to use only the consumption in the city, when driving overland or at a constant 130 km / h.

For example, if you have a fuel consumption of 8 liters per 100 kilometers driven and a tank volume of 80 liters, the range of the vehicle with a full tank is 1,000 kilometers. A simple rule of three is used as a formula and the ratio of 8 liters to the hundred kilometers driven and the 80 liters of volume to the size you are looking for, namely the possible kilometers. The calculation is 80 * 100/8. The result is 1,000.

You can apply this formula to all vehicles and consumption values ​​and get a fairly reliable statement about how far you can drive with a full tank.

Note the fuel gauge

Modern vehicles show this range in the on-board computer so that you no longer have to calculate it yourself. However, the route and driving behavior have a significant influence on the range. Therefore, you should not exhaust the indication of the remaining kilometers when the fuel level is low. If you stay lying down, it can not only be dangerous but also have costly consequences for you.