What are some good Russian torrent sites

Illegal streaming sites are booming in Russia

Although torrent sites still enjoy millions of users, streaming platforms in particular are booming in Russia. Eight percent of the film copies are accessed over the Internet. The streaming sites are characterized by their ease of use and clarity, comparable to Netflix or the pirate website kinox.to.

While 87 percent of all first-time film releases in Russia still find their way to the public via torrent sites, attempts are now being made to distribute content to thousands of other websites via so-called content delivery networks (CDN).

Content delivery networks are regionally distributed servers that are connected via the Internet. They are used for the delivery of large media files and serve as a distribution network for TV series and films.

Do-it-yourself piracy

In addition to the establishment of entire film and video markets, the providers go a decisive step further: The pages provide explanations for creating your own pirate pages.

Group-IB reports on delivery networks, which contain a good 300,000 files. To maintain a network of this size, funds of around 100,000 euros are required. These sums of money are raised through the published content, know-how for operators of pirate sites and online advertising.

Legal countermeasures

Legal countermeasures turn out to be difficult. Since these are cross-border networks, the operators are not within reach of the authorities. If the pages are blocked by court orders, there is usually a switch to newly created Internet pages. (red, 5.2.2019)