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Best list: 21 wonderful love films for romantic hours

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Leaderboard: The most beautiful feature films that are all about love and romance.

Good love films don't always have to be highly dramatic and make you cry. Sometimes it can just be beautiful films that show the light and lively sides of love. In our romantic love films, of course, strong feelings are not neglected, but we have made sure with this list that there are also humorous titles with a wink. The direction in which the respective romantic film tends in our list of the best can be seen in the genre information. So you can quickly find the right film for your current mood.


1) Pride and Prejudice (Pride And Prejudice, 1995)

Genre (s): Drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 8,9

Plot: Numerous film adaptations have tried to do justice to this work. According to the unanimous opinion of the worldwide Jane Austen fan base, this version, written by Andrew Davies, is one of the best. It's about the Bennett family. Mother Bennett has only one worry: her five daughters are of marriageable age, but where are the right men? In England at the beginning of the 19th century, “suitable” does not necessarily mean the emotional side, but rather aims at social position and, above all, wealth. Therefore, daughter Elizabeth (Jennifer Ehle) doesn't want to know anything about any of this, because she despises the marriage market that is practiced to the utmost. Colin Firth is arguably the best Mr. Darcy (see also his role name in Bridget Jones - Chocolate for Breakfast).

Pride and Prejudice (1995)

Pride and Prejudice (1995) can be found here *

2) The fabulous world of Amélie (Amélie, 2001)

Genre (s): Comedy, romance

IMDb assessment: 8,3

Plot: In the heart of Paris, the shy Amélie (Audrey Tautou) works as a waitress in a small street café. The comparatively uneventful life of the young woman, spiced with curious everyday observations, takes a turn when she discovers a box of childhood memories from a stranger and brings great joy to the original owner. From then on, Amélie made it her life's work to help intervene in the fate of her fellow human beings. Her talent only seems to fail when it comes to her own happiness in love. A poetic total work of art that is rarely seen and won in four categories at the Césars 2002: best film, best director, best film music (by Yann Tiersen) and best production design.

The fabulous world of Amelie (Amelie, 2001)

The fabulous world of Amelie (Amelie, 2001) can be found here *

3) It Happened One Night, 1934

Genre (s): Comedy, romance

IMDb assessment: 8,1

Plot: Hilarious rom-com: spoiled Ellie Andrews (Claudette Colbert) flees from her multi-million dollar father who tries to prevent her from marrying a windy playboy. On the way to New York, Ellie gets involved with the unemployed newspaper man Peter (Clark Gable). When their bus breaks down, the argumentative couple embarks on a headless hitchhiking expedition ... Director Frank Capra has won five Oscars for this 1934 comedy: best film, best director, best leading actor, best leading actress and best screenplay. The film is peppered with scenes that are cited in other films to this day.

It Happened One Night, 1934

It Happened One Night, 1934 is available here *

4) Lost in Translation - Between the Worlds (2003)

Genre (s): drama

IMDb assessment: 7,8

Plot: Bob Harris (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) are two aimless Americans in the middle of Tokyo. Bob is an aging actor shooting a whiskey commercial in town, and Charlotte is a young, newlywed woman who accompanies her husband, a busy photographer. One sleepless night, Bob and Charlotte get to know each other at the bar of a luxury hotel. What begins as a chance encounter develops surprisingly quickly into an unusual and intense friendship.
The touches of bittersweet loneliness of Bill and Charlotte were handled smartly and romantically by director Sophia Coppola, but unlike modern films from Hollywood studios, Lost in Translation is not a head-over-head romance.

Lost in Translation - Between the Worlds (2003) is available here *

5) 500 Days of Summer (2009)

Genre (s): Comedy, drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 7,7

Plot: In the sweet summer (Zooey Deschanel), greeting card author Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) believes he has found great love. The next 500 days will show whether this is true ... Original, because it is not told in a linear fashion.

500 Days of Summer (2009)

500 Days of Summer (2009) can be found here *

6) The Bridges of Madison County, 1995

Genre (s): Drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 7,6

Plot: Carolyn (Annie Corley) and Michael (Victor Slezak) want to take care of the estate of their recently deceased mother Francesca (Meryl Streep). They learn that Francesca had an affair with a traveling photographer years ago. There is more in her diaries: in the summer of 1965, when her husband and children were visiting a cattle exhibition for a few days, she met photographer Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood). A passionate affair develops between the two, at the end of which Francesca has to make a difficult decision: follow her lover or stay with her husband and children? - Director Clint Eastwood wants nothing more than to tell a simple story of two people - and he does it in the most touching way. Meryl Streep was rightly nominated for an Oscar.

The Bridges of Madison County, 1995

The Bridges of Madison County, 1995) can be found here *

7) A Room with a View, 1985

Genre (s): Drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 7,4

Plot: In 1907, Lucy Honeychurch (Helena Bonham Carter), a young Englishwoman from a good family, travels to Florence with her aunt Charlotte (Maggie Smith), a strict old maid. Once there, they meet the unconventional Mr. Emerson (Denholm Elliott) and his son George (Julian Sands). The junior plunges the well-behaved Lucy into emotional chaos with a violent kiss: She travels home and accepts the marriage proposal of the dreary snob Cecil Vyse (Daniel Day-Lewis). Shortly afterwards, Cecil found a house in the neighborhood for the Emersons of all people ... Director James Ivory's first E.M. Forster adaptation (Maurice and Wiedersehen in Howards End followed) won three Oscars in 1987. Fantastically beautiful pictures, quiet British humor and lively dialogues.

Florence in all its glory

A Room with a View, 1985 is available here *

8) Love, Rosie (2014)

Genre (s): Comedy, romance

IMDb assessment: 7,2

Plot: Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin) have known each other since childhood: They go to school together, become best friends, discover the world together and share joys and sorrows. In short: They act like soul mates who are meant for one another. As teenagers, they develop feelings for each other, which they do not admit to each other. Just as they decide to go to the United States to study together, Rosie becomes pregnant - and does not tell Alex. Sympathetic romance with a lot of heart and humor.

Love, Rosie - Forever Maybe (2014)

Love, Rosie - Forever Maybe (2014) can be found here *

10) P.S. I love you (P.S. I Love You, 2007)

Genre (s): Drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 7,1

Plot: Holly (Hilary Swank) has been holed up in her New York apartment since her beloved husband Gerry (Gerard Butler) died from cancer - until her 30th birthday. Her mom (Kathy Bates) and her best friends show up with a cake and a message from Gerry. In the message written before his death, he announced letters to her asking her to go dancing, sing karaoke or to travel to his home country Ireland (beautiful landscape shots). There Holly meets the likeable singer William (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Admittedly a bit sappy, but thank God not without humor.

P.S. I love you (P.S. I Love You, 2007)

P.S. I love you (P.S. I Love You, 2007) can be found here *

11) Notting Hill (1999)

Genre (s): Comedy, drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 7,1

Plot: Schüchti William Thacker (Hugh Grant) runs a small bookshop in Notting Hill, London. He was amazed when one day Hollywood star Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) got lost and bought a book. Shortly afterwards, the dreamy bon vivant can even get up close and personal with the famous US actress: he collides with her again on the street, messing up the cool dream woman with orange juice - and the entanglements take their course with great pleasure. Fairytale-like, original, with weird Brit humor.

Notting Hill (1999) is available here *

12) Isn't she wonderful? (Some Kind of Wonderful, 1987)

Genre (s): Drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 7,1

Plot: Eighteen-year-old Keith (Eric Stoltz) falls in love with high school beauty Amanda (Lea Thompson), hurting boyish Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson), who he sees as more of a buddy than a friend. Watts, however, is in love with Keith. When Amanda Zoff has her boyfriend Hardy, a bastard from a wealthy family, she goes on a rendezvous with Keith to make Hardy jealous. Keith actually manages to invite Amanda over and ransack his savings account to make this evening unforgettable. But then the events develop very differently ...

Isn't she wonderful? (Some Kind of Wonderful, 1987

Isn't she wonderful? (Some Kind of Wonderful, 1987) can be found here *

13) Cherie Bitter (The Way We Were, 1973)

Genre (s): Drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 7,1

Plot: America, late 1930s: Katie Morosky (Barbra Streisand), a committed Jewish Marxist, works hard to finance her studies. Hubbell Gardiner (Robert Redford), a smart Feschak from a wealthy family, has it easier, enjoys student life and initially only makes fun of his fellow waiter. Despite their different worldviews, the two years later become a couple and get married. But then, against Katie's will, they move to Hollywood, where Hubbell wants to pursue a career as a screenwriter - and because of Katie's past as a Marxist during the so-called McCarthy era, the communist hunter targets their love, which puts their love to the test ...

The fateful love of a dream couple: The sensitively told melodrama by Sydney Pollack, which was tailored to the two stars by the scriptwriters, was a huge hit in 1973 and also tells a lot about the political events of the 30s and 40s in the USA. There were Oscars for the score and the song The Way We Were.

Cherie Bitter (The Way We Were, 1973)

Cherie Bitter (The Way We Were, 1973) is available here *

14) Ever After (1998)

Genre (s): Comedy, drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 7,0

Plot: Love tales very loosely based on the Brothers Grimm. France in the 16th century: After the death of her dad, Danielle (Drew Barrymore) is demoted from the nasty stepmother (Anjelica Huston) to the maid who does the menial work. But years later, her hour comes when Prince Henry (Dougray Scott) falls in love with her after throwing an apple at him. The stepmother is furious ... Confident woman meets indecisive prince and Leonardo da Vinci plays Cupid! Modern Cinderella version with wit and the heart in the right place.

Ever After (1998)

Forever and Ever (Ever After, 1998) here *

15) Because You Are (Serendipity, 2001)

Genre (s): Comedy, romance

IMDb assessment: 6,9

Plot: Sara (Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathan (John Cusack) grab the same pair of gloves while doing their Christmas shopping in New York's Bloomingdale’s department store: love at first sight! You enjoy a couple of romantic hours, but Sara wants to leave a reunion to fate: She writes her phone number in a book, lets Jonathan scribble his own on a dollar bill and circulates both. They are only meant for each other when they get a book or money again ... love fairy tales, very romantic and with a sense of humor.

Because you exist (Serendipity, 2001)

Because you exist (Serendipity, 2001) there is *

16) Forever Love (The Vow, 2012)

Genre (s): Drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 6,8

Plot: It's great love and they are the perfect couple: As newlyweds, Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) enjoy their togetherness to the full. Until one day Paige has a serious car accident and falls into a coma. When she wakes up, her memory is so damaged that she cannot even remember her own husband Leo. Leo tries desperately to evoke the magical moments in her that made her love. Will he manage to rekindle her passion or will he lose Paige forever?

Forever Love (The Vow, 2012)

Forever Love (The Vow, 2012) is here *

17) Sleepless in Seattle (1992)

Genre (s): Comedy, drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 6,8

Plot: Architect Sam (Tom Hanks) lovingly takes care of his eight-year-old son Jonah (Ross Malinger) after the death of his wife in Seattle. The boy would like to see a new woman at his father's side again - and at Christmas he pours out his heart on a radio talk show. Reluctantly, Sam also talks about his feelings live on air, which journalist Annie (Meg Ryan) hears in the distant Baltimore. It's taken, but Sam's voice can't forget it ... The 90s kitsch hit really goes to the heart.

Sleepless in Seattle (1992) can be found here *

18) While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Genre (s): Comedy, drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 6,7

Plot: Lucy (Sandra Bullock) works as a ticket seller on the Chicago subway. When attorney Peter (Peter Gallagher) - a regular customer and her type - is robbed by rowdies and pushed onto the track at Christmas, she saves him from an approaching train. In the hospital, the coma patient's family mistakenly mistook her for his fiancé and welcomed her with open arms. Only Peter's brother Jack (Bill Pullman) regards Lucy with skepticism. That changes when the two get to know each other better ... Warm, funny and pleasantly sentimental.

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

While You Were Sleeping (1995) there is *

19) Letters to Juliet (Letters to Juliet, 2010)

Genre (s): Adventure, comedy, drama

IMDb assessment: 6,6

Plot: While strolling through the Italian city of Verona - the home of Romeo and Juliet - the sweet New York tourist Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) gets to know "Juliet's secretaries", who answer the letters that the lovesick leave behind under Juliet's famous balcony. By chance she finds a 50-year-old letter from a British woman named Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) in a crack in the wall, answers it - and is amazed when the now mature lady suddenly arrives to meet her former dream man again. Kitsch of the most beautiful kind!

Sunflower fields, olive groves, blooming vines and cypresses in the Veneto

Letters to Julia (Letters to Juliet, 2010) can be found here *

20) Email For You (You’ve Got Mail, 1998)

Genre (s): Comedy, drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 6,6

Plot: The idealistic Kathleen (Meg Ryan) runs a small children's bookstore in New York; Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) runs an aggressively priced discount book chain. The fact that the guy is putting one of his bulky branches right next to her shop drives Kathleen to white heat - and soon to ruin. To compensate for her grief, she indulges in a new passion: every evening she flirts with a man with the abbreviation NY 152 on the web.

Email for you (You’ve Got Mail, 1998)

E-Mail for you (You’ve Got Mail, 1998) is available here *

21) Elizabethtown (2005)

Genre (s): Comedy, drama, romance

IMDb assessment: 6,4

Plot: For years, designer Drew (Orlando Bloom) worked on a revolutionary sports shoe. Finally on the market, he remains a slow seller, which brings Drew's company a record loss and the termination. When his girlfriend (Jessica Biel) also leaves him, he decides to kill himself. But nothing there: Drew's father has just died, the tired of life postpones his plans and travels to Dad's homeland to organize the funeral service.On the plane he meets the lovely Claire (Kirsten Dunst) ... touching.

Elizabethtown (2005) is available here *





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