Can damage a current meter through overcurrent

Stopping the electricity meter with a magnet - is that really possible?

If you stop an electricity meter with a magnet, the next bill will be significantly cheaper. Of course, any attempt to tamper with the electricity meter is illegal and will be prosecuted by law. Nevertheless, numerous methods are circulating on the net that are supposed to help with cheating. In this article, we'll explain what's behind the well-known magnet trick - and why it doesn't work.

Stop the electricity meter with a magnet

A magnet on the electricity meter stops or slows the meter down. It is reported in numerous forums and videos. However, we strongly advise against tampering with your electricity meter.

  • The only electricity meter that can be influenced by a magnet is the Ferraris three-phase meter.
  • A flywheel rotates in this electricity meter, which drives the meter mechanism. As soon as no more current flows, a magnetic eddy current brake brakes the disc.
  • With a strong magnet in the right place, the disc can also be braked or even stopped from the outside.
  • However, the counter cannot be influenced by an ordinary magnet. Numerous instructions on the Internet name so-called neodymium magnets as effective electricity meter brakes.
  • Slowing down the electricity meter with a magnet would only be short-lived: Even if the whole thing worked, the heat generated by the magnet would damage the electricity meter.

Manipulating electricity meters: the legal side

  • Electricity providers know the tricks that electricity meters are used to manipulate. The readers usually recognize defects caused by such tricks immediately.
  • Even if your electricity meter is not defective and you remove the magnet before the meter is read, sooner or later the electricity providers will find out about the fraud.
  • The meter readings in your neighborhood are added up and compared with the known electricity consumption at the distributor. If a difference is found, the counters are checked for manipulation.
  • If there is a suspicion, the electricity provider may carry out the checks without prior notice.
  • Manipulating an electricity meter is not a trivial offense. Electricity providers always take legal action. Depending on the severity of the manipulation, there is a risk of up to five years imprisonment.

Saving electricity: this is how it's done legally

So you should stay away from tampering with your electricity meter. Instead, you can honestly save electricity.

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