Which apps does BTS use for pictures

K-pop band BTS launch app: is this the future of the star-fan relationship?

Your CD: 30 euros. Concert ticket: 110 euros. Band hoodie: 85 euros. This probably multi-million dollar app: for free!

The biggest boy band in the world BTS brings out a gaming app on Wednesday night, an "immersive experience for fans that has never been seen before," as developer Netmarble says: The player can be the manager of the band and they can be the manager of the band from before their debut in 2013 until the Accompany success.

Previously unpublished videos and photos can be activated by the user in the course of the story. He also makes the decisions about the further development of the band. Whereby the end result cannot be missed: Success.

He makes video calls with the members, watches them at small appearances, can style them to his taste and have conversations with them. The fan feels even closer to his favorites, has the feeling of being part of their life.

Is that a game? Or the future of star-fan relationships? You can test this yourself on your smartphone or tablet from Tuesday night. Netmarble itself calls it an "interactive and cinematic story experience". In any case, however, the app works like a fan fiction prepared for maximum media coverage.

This fan experience has been photographed and filmed exclusively since 2016. The development costs must be horrendous. Netmarble did not want to reveal exactly how high. Neither does who ultimately earn how much from the app.

Because even if the app is free, you can accelerate the path to success and thus to all the content that the game has to offer with in-app purchases. So it is possible, for example, to get the band fit again more quickly after a particularly strenuous dance training.

The app is accompanied by its own soundtrack on which BTS sing with stars such as Charli XCX (26, “Boom Clap”), Juice Wrld (20, “Lucid Dreams”) and Zara Larsson (21, “Lush Life”) .

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The promotion and presentation of the app before the start is perfectly staged. You are used to nothing else from Big Hit.

That's what developer Netmarble says

Developer Netmarble just went on a promo tour around the world and answered a few questions for us:

The game should come out at least a year ago. Why has the publication been postponed again and again?

Netmarble: “As the mobile gaming leader, we wanted to give fans the best gaming experience. We kept finding points that we could improve, functions or content that we wanted to add. That cost time. "

How were the band and management involved in developing the game?

Netmarble: “The band has been producing photos and videos for the game all along. They also do a lot of promoting the app on Twitter themselves. So you put your heart and soul into it. Big hit (Management of BTS, editor's note) was very closely integrated into the development from the start. From the dialogues to the story, everything was created by them. "

Have all virtual interactions been removed from management and the band? Up to the speech bubbles?

Netmarble:Yes. And we paid great attention to nuances in all languages. " (The app will also be available in German, editor's note)

Is the app also for non-BTS fans?

Netmarble: “We didn't just develop the app for BTS fans. Even K-pop fans who have only heard some music from them can play the game well and get to know BTS better. The story is of course fictional, but was heavily influenced by the real history of the band. "

Developing an app for BTS is certainly also a PR risk. Fandom is relatively sensitive to everything related to the band, especially on Twitter. Are you afraid that this will strike you too?

Netmarble: “We are number five worldwide in the mobile gaming industry. We believe we are so successful because we also take risks. With BTS World we wanted to go a new way, give a game a new authenticity. And because BTS were so closely involved in development, it worked, and the game is a very sincere experience. Big Hit is also aware of the sensitivity of the fans and has therefore worked very closely with us. "

Do you also listen to BTS and K-Pop privately?

Netmarble: “Before the project some of us had only heard the band name but never really understood K-Pop. But when it really started, each of us simply fell in love with the band and their unique history. We've been listening to a lot of K-Pop recently! "

With more than 100 videos lasting several minutes and over 10,000 photos, it will definitely take several days for the first to play through the app. Until then, it will be difficult to get BTS fans off their phones.