What was your most embarrassing sex experience

February 23, 2021

3 embarrassing things that can happen during sex!

3 embarrassing things that can happen during sex!

Not just the first time, but sex in general, is quite an intimate affair. A lot can go wrong in the process.

Not just the first time, but sex in general, is quite an intimate affair. No wonder you're nervous before that. In fact, one or the other unpleasant mishap can happen, but you don't have to be afraid of them. Because remember one thing: This not only happens to you and your sweetheart, but also to countless other couples. You probably still want to know what can go wrong during sex? That's why we'll tell you directly - and even give you tips how to charmingly circumvent the little missteps.

1. Say the wrong name

Believe it or not, this is the most common gaffe in sex. You're saying the wrong name or something in general that your friend may misunderstand. It can happen when you indulge in your fantasies. The only thing now is to save the situation. Don't make him think you're not quite with him and keep trying to bring your interaction back to him.

2. Queefing

Have you never heard that word? Not bad. In German, “Queef” is also referred to as Muschifurz. This means nothing other than the escape of air from the vagina. Many find the whole thing embarrassing because it sounds like a fart. But the whole thing must be anything but uncomfortable for you. You can find more information here.

3. Orgasm at the wrong time or not at all

Do you or your boyfriend orgasm too fast, too late or not at all? This is not the end of the world and has already happened to many other couples. If you are having sex with your boyfriend and he loses his erection in a certain situation, you should under no circumstances take it personally. There are many different reasons for this - such as being excited or afraid of doing something wrong. A little tip: if you both feel good and you gives each other trust and security, not much can go wrong.

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