Why do we use SolidWorks


Whether a "one-man office" or an international group - SOLIDWORKS is suitable as a scalable solution for companies of all sizes and covers the entire product development from design to production in one system.

  • Choose the license model - buy, rent or lease
  • Use existing data seamlessly
  • Reduce development time by more than 15%
  • Work in just ONE integrated environment
  • Benefit from the familiar surface for Microsoft users

10 reasons for SOLIDWORKS

In all honesty, there are many reasons in favor of SOLIDWORKS. Let's start with 10:

1. Short learning curve
2. Consistent from design to production
3. Useful tools at no extra cost
4. A leader in configurations
5. Many interfaces for data import from external systems
6. Easy handling of large assemblies
7. Production-ready, free 2D drawings
8. Strong performance
9. Large user community
10. Many graduates from HTLS, FHs and universities bring experienced employees

Well-known customers count on us

We at planetsoftware look forward to strong partnerships. Because your success is ultimately our success too.

Customer references

Special conditions for start-ups and training institutes

We provide complete software packages to newly founded companies and training centers at special conditions. Because we like to support innovation and exciting projects.




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