How can I stop judging people

What if we judge others?

Last update: 17th May, 2017

Believe it or not Judging others can become a very strong habit. Seen in the light, this behavior seems quite irrational to us, considering that it is ourselves who urge other people not to judge our own actions and behavior. It happens to us all the time that we judge and judge others and that we are judged and judged - there is no escape from this.

"The soul has the constant tendency to judge others - depending on how we think about ourselves."

Giacomo Leopardi

But the destructive power of this judgment is something we should ponder. We need to look inside ourselves, examine ourselves, and stop spending so much time paying attention to what others are doing, how they are doing it, and why.

How many times have you been wrongly convicted? Certainly a few times. And because of this, we should avoid judging other people. Respect what others do and decidebecause what you criticize about them so much could be something that will happen to you sooner or later as well. And then you will be the one who will be judged.

Your perspective isn't the only one

Often let us not take the time to empathize with the other person's situation sufficiently. Then we think that our view of things is the only right one and that in turn prevents us from looking outside the box and understanding the other from a different perspective.

Why are you so sure that your way of seeing things is the only right one? Allow yourself the opportunity to doubt and assume that perhaps both positions must be considered correct and that one does not have to be superior to the other. You are not always right. You may be wrong, and your judgment about someone else's behavior may be based on a misunderstanding.

It is impossible to always understand the whole story that is hidden behind a person. And that's why we shouldn't allow ourselves to judge the behavior of others.

Think about yourself for once: How many people are there who do not know everything about the struggles that you had to go through and that have had a lasting impact on your behavior and actions?

Don't always try to differentiate between better and worse perspectives - they all have their place! What you reject today could be something tomorrow that seems very obvious to you.

Open up your inner being and allow yourself to discover new perspectivesthat will lead to an expansion of your view of the world. Cultivate an open and tolerant attitude within yourself. This will make you a better person and at the same time you will gain the ability to understand other people better.

What you do defines you

When you judge other people, that defines you. While you can express your own opinion, criticizing and failing to understand the other person won't help them in the least. Are you doing this person a favor? Or what is it that you really want to achieve with it?

In truth, when we judge, we are doing so because we want other people to see the world as we see fit. But differences are not always negative. Rather, they can help us to be open internally when faced with a difficult situation. You can't make other people think or act just like you. As mentioned earlier - there is no better or worse here.

Judging a person can hurt them very badly. Try to remember a situation when you were judged by others. Did that help you back then? Did you feel better after that? Did it make you happier when you decided to take the path they suggested?

Judgment hurts and for this reason we should be very careful with it and stop judging others. We are then in the belief that we are helping others, but in reality we are only hurting our counterpart. We then believe that we are giving good advice to others, but we are really only making sure that we are contributing to the other person's disorientation and not doing them a favor as assumed.

There is more than what we can see

It is important to mention at this point that what we see is not always the whole truth. Every person is a universe of its own. As we have already mentioned, you yourself know situations and experiences that you have gone through. These were painful and taught you a lesson - but that's something what only you can really understand.

Other people have situations like this too. You have experienced things in your life that may or may not have been good or bad. And most of the time we don't want to understand their real motivations, we just want to judge them. People have their own reasons - and whether we agree with them or not, we have to respect them. Tomorrow it may be that we will be the ones who are doing exactly what we condemned the day before.

“People take different paths on their path to fulfillment and happiness. And just because they may not be on your way doesn't mean they are going astray. "

Dalai Lama

If you are the kind of person who has a tendency to judge others then think about it how you feel when others judge you.

Everything that we encounter in our life, changes the way we see things. What seemed right to us a few years ago could turn out to be wrong today.

Be flexible and stop judging. You can formulate your own opinion, but not to impose it on others and get them to see life the way you do. Because your perspective is not always the right one either.

“We should never allow ourselves to judge someone else's life, because each person only knows his own pain and his own renunciations. It's one thing to feel like you're on the right track. But it is different to think that one's own path is the only right one. "

Paulo Coelho