Is the learning good for the students?

Healthy students learn better

Since the school is the only place where all children and young people can be reached, it is downright obliged to use their opportunities and to enable the young people entrusted to them to lead a healthy lifestyle. This also follows from Art. 1 of the Bavarian Education and Teaching Act, according to which schools should “impart knowledge and ability, as well as develop mind and body, heart and mind”.

The “State Program for the Good Healthy School in Bavaria” supports you as a school in the implementation of behavioral and environmental preventive measures as well as in building networks with other Bavarian schools. The measures implemented as part of the state program are intended to contribute to the acquisition of skills for a healthy lifestyle and to the health-promoting design of the living environment. The projects enable a participatory, needs and needs-oriented discussion of the topic of health. Health-related content can thus be integrated into school life across all school types, grades and subjects. The redesign of the state program offers all schools a framework to consolidate, expand or develop their commitment in the field of prevention and health promotion. It serves as a low-threshold entry point for schools that want to make their way to a good, healthy school or are already actively involved. In a nutshell, this means: “Healthy students who enjoy going to school learn better. Healthy teachers teach better. "

Specifically, health promotion at Bavarian schools deals in a wide variety of ways (including teaching content, projects, competitions) with a wide variety of topics, including: Diet, exercise, addiction prevention and AIDS prevention. The aim is always to make young people aware of their responsibility for their own health as early as possible, to promote health-oriented attitudes and to initiate health-promoting, self-responsible behavior that is effective beyond their school days.

Health promotion also includes measures aimed at strengthening one's own personality, social skills and coping with conflicts, disappointments and stress. The necessary knowledge and instructions for a sensible lifestyle and active health maintenance are basically imparted in all subjects and are therefore not only anchored in the relevant curricula, but also in a number of thematic guidelines.

The state program "Good Healthy School Bavaria"

More information on school and health

Week of Health and Sustainability

Every year the “Week of Health and Sustainability” takes place at schools in Bavaria.

In the 2020/2021 school year, the action week will not take place in the 42nd calendar week as is the case, but at a later point in time in the school year. In preparation for the week, the schools are informed in good time about the respective motto and accompanying offers.

Moving school: program against inactivity

The lack of exercise in our day and age has consequences for the performance of children and young people at school as well as for their health. Bad posture, obesity, increased headaches or reluctance to go to school are just some of the consequences.

In order to counteract the lack of exercise, the State Ministry developed the concept of the moving school years ago in cooperation with the Academy in Dillingen, the Bavarian Community Accident Insurance Association and the AOK. The two brochures "Moving Elementary School" and "Moving School" were sent to the schools, and the concepts described in them have meanwhile been implemented in many ways.

Kid-Check: Prevention of bad posture

Prevention - this is the idea behind the "Kid-Check" campaign. Prevention as early as childhood against poor posture and bad posture, especially against chronic back problems that ruin the life of many people in adulthood. The Kid-Check homepage offers extensive technical information (including correct posture, suitable sports, school bag weight), self-tests and exercises against special posture problems.

In full shape: exercise every day, eat healthily, learn more easily

Integrating exercise and nutrition into everyday school life to a greater extent than before and creating a long-term internalization of attitudes and values ​​among pupils and parents in this regard are the central contents of the exercise and health initiative “In full shape”. “In full shape” is not only intended to compensate for a lack of exercise and to encourage people to eat healthily. Especially through the systematic rhythmization of the lessons through exercise phases, “Voll in Form” also aims at a sustainable improvement of the school and learning climate. Every elementary school pupil should accordingly

  • take part in an intensive exercise phase of at least 20 minutes on every class day that does not take place
  • Have a healthy breakfast or lunch break if possible several times a week,
  • being able to learn successfully based on physical well-being.

In school practice, “Voll in Form” does not have to reinvent the wheel, but can refer to the curricula, the relevant teaching methodology, the various initiatives such as “Moving Elementary School”, “Nutritional Education in Elementary School” and “Sports Parents' Evening”, but also on top of the "sport-by-1 model". Dealing with exercise and health is not new - they have always been an indispensable part of school education. What is new is the binding, systematic inclusion in everyday teaching!

That this not only promotes the health of the students, but can actually also improve the school and learning climate, has been proven very convincingly by the full-in-form model test. Its results were summarized with other selected materials in a guide that was made available to all Bavarian primary school teachers at the end of the 2007/08 school year.

Action dandelion - project for dental health

In order to reach all children in grades 1 to 4, the Bavarian State Working Group on Dental Health e.V. (LAGZ Bayern) started the "Dandelion Campaign" at all Bavarian primary and special schools in the 1997/1998 school year and has carried it out annually since then. The pupils should be motivated to pay attention to dental care and to go to the dentist regularly.

School medical services

School medical services have become an indispensable part of the school community at many Bavarian schools. The young people involved there as well as the supervising teachers make an important contribution to the safety of our schools with their work. In the event of accidents and acute illnesses, they provide quick and qualified first aid and help to avoid potentially dangerous situations in everyday school life. They also convey a sense of responsibility, reliability and willingness to work and show exemplary social commitment.