Who is DJ Marshmello

He is one of the most successful DJs in the whole world and has several platinum records to call his own: Marshmello is one of the most sought-after personalities in the music business. But speaking of personality - who is actually behind the mysterious white mask? We have the answer!

Unknown identity
Masks are a popular means of anonymity in the music business: the French house duo Daft Punk or the German rap luminary are just two famous examples of the phenomenon. In both cases, however, at least the real names of the artists are known. Star DJ Marshmello, however, disguised his entire real personality right from the start and appeared in public exclusively under his pseudonym and with a large, white helmet on his head. Nobody was really trusted - apparently not even the stars with whom the anonymous musician worked. During the production of the chart hit "Friends", which only appeared in February 2018, Marshmello's colleague Anne-Marie and co-author Nat Dunn were asked to sign a contract on the confidentiality of his identity. According to the web magazine "Contactmusic", the two refused, however, because it was a matter of pure trust that did not have to be sealed in writing. Still, Marshmello's real persona managed to get into the public spotlight. A "Yahoo!" interview with his DJ colleague Skrillex, which was published on YouTube in 2015, played a decisive role in this.

FRIENDS with @AnneMarieIAm is out now! Hit the link to listen: https://t.co/MYil8C2Aodpic.twitter.com/sVZuyhIYFB

- marshmello (@marshmellomusic) February 9, 2018

An early tip
In mid-June 2015, a "Yahoo!" interview with Skrillex by the journalist Katie Couric provided an unimaginably decisive clue about Marshmello's identity. While they were recording their conversation, the DJ received a call - there was none other than Marshmello on the other end of the line. Based on the display name on Skrillex's smartphone "Chris Marshmello", the journalist unknowingly revealed the identity of the then unknown artist: "It's Chris," she replied when the DJ asked who would call him. The 30-year-old raved about Marshmello's talent for a moment before returning to their original topic of conversation. Based on this interview, fans of the aspiring producer found it easy to find out the full name of the mysterious star. However, it was Natalie Robehmed's intensive research from "Forbes" magazine that first brought almost undoubted certainty.

He is it!
Entries in the artist register of the music copyright societies "Broadcast Music Inc." (BMI) and the "American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers" (ASCAP) finally confirmed what many smaller references and fan theories already suggested: Marshmello's true identity is the 25-year-old Christopher Comstock from Philadelphia, who is also under the pseudonym "Dotcom" appeared. After the evidence solidified through the Skrillex interview, the real name of the world star is now certain. According to "Forbes" information, Comstock is the sole manager of the Marshmello agency "Marshmello Creative, LLC". In addition, they both share the same birthday - May 19th.

Further evidence is a Facebook photo of Bollywood actress Urvashi Rauteli showing her with Comstock. In the original description of the image, Marshmello was marked - but this was subsequently removed, as the processing history of the post shows. Furthermore, several insiders confirmed to "Forbes" that Chris Comstock and Marshmello are one and the same person. Marshmello will probably not take off his helmet anytime soon - after all, the mask is now an integral part of the image of the multi-million dollar DJ. By covering his face, he can also act in public without any problems, without being overrun by fans. Name or not - one can only hope that Marshmello will stay true to the music for a long time to come.