What does in a Jupyter notebook mean

Jupyter Notebook: Document and run code from the browser

In the article Anaconda Distribution: The Most Comprehensive Suite for Data Science Using Python We talked about how we will detail interesting tools that will be automatically installed with this suite. One of those tools is Jupyter notebook This is great for those who are Learn to program in Python and they must document everything they learn in addition to those who have to Submit scientifically based reports.


What is Jupyter Notebook?

El Jupyter notebook a Open source web application, developed with HTML agnostic language that allows Create, share, and edit documents in which Python code can run, annotate, insert equations, visualize results and document functions.

This application is generally designed to have expanded compatibility with python, Markdown and it includes the ability to export documents created with the tool to other formats.

Generally this tool is used for Learning the Python programming language, Cleaning and transforming scientific data, numerical simulation, statistical modeling and can cover many other areas.

Jupyter Notebook Features

Among the many features of Jupyter Notebook, we can highlight the following:

  • Easy to install thanks to the presence in the Anaconda Distribution Suite.
  • It has an advanced web interface with which source code, texts, formulas, figures and multimedia can be combined in a single document.
  • Integrating different types of information allows us to more appropriately explain our programs or the concepts we are learning.
  • Allow the aAccess from anywhere without installing other servicesas it works as a client server. It can also be run on a local desktop or on a remote server.
  • Although the basic programming language in Jupyter is Notebook pythonis this app too compatible with more than 40 languages, including R, Julia and Scala.
  • Allows Jupyter documents to be exchanged using third-party services.
  • We can execute and display images, videos, LaTeX and JavaScript and edit the results in real time.
  • It has an advanced document manager that you can use to view the Jupyter Notebook compatible files hosted on our computer.
  • Documents created in Jupyter Notebook can be exported in various static formats including HTML, reStructeredText, LaTeX, PDF and slide shows.
  • It is compatible with nbviewer. This allows us to port our Jupyter Notebook documents to the cloud as a static website that can be viewed by anyoneThe Jupyter Notebook does not need to be installed .

How do I use and install Jupyter Notebook?

If we have already installed Anaconda Distribution, then Jupyter Notebook is already installed and we can run it from the terminal with this command running the services necessary for the tool to function properly and automatically opening our default browser so that we can use the functions of Jupyter to be able to use.

In case you don't want to install Anaconda Distribution, we can do it Install Jupyter Notebook with Python PipTo do this, open a terminal and run the following command:

In the same way we can enjoy an online demo of the application from the link below and a detailed documentation of all its functions can be found on its official website.

Jupyter Notebook is a tool that I think is essential if you are getting into the fabulous world of Python programming, but it also has great potential for those looking to study data science in an orderly manner, with all of Python's potential and with the possibility of documenting all the scientific principles used.