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What does Jarno Trulli actually do?

(Motorsport-Total.com) - Since Jarno Trulli found out during the winter test drives in February 2012 that Caterham would no longer get a regular cockpit for another Formula 1 season, things have become quiet around the Pescara-born Italian. Trulli's career, which spanned more than 250 Grand Prix starts and one victory (Monte Carlo 2004) is over, but the now 39-year-old Italian is still busy.

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Jarno Trulli's time in Formula 1 came to an end in February 2012

Together with his father Enzo and his long-time manager Lucio Cavuto, Trulli entered the wine business years ago. "As a result, I had enough things to do after leaving Formula 1. I'm sure not bored, that's for sure", Trulli told 'F1 Racing' about what he is doing today on his 32-hectare vineyard in Abruzzo.

Meanwhile, the Trulli wines, such as the multiple award-winning Podere Castorani vintage 2008 ("our first wine produced under our own name") enjoy great popularity. Trulli's famous name sometimes helps to open up a new market for his fine wines, "but if you don't have a good product and don't do it seriously, you won't gain any respect," the long-time Formula 1 driver knows .

The Italian, who is now recognized worldwide not only as a racing driver, but also as a winemaker, now "travels as much as he did in Formula 1 times". The 39-year-old is particularly proud of having conquered the wine business "out of nowhere" together with father Enzo and manager Lucio Cavuto. Well then: Good luck, Jarno Trulli.