How is that stuff weighed in space

ISS spacemen received supplies


Fuel, water, food and films on DVD station should be weighed

Moscow - After their greeting at the opening of the Summer Olympics in Athens, the space travelers on the International Space Station received new supplies. The Russian commander Gennadi Padalka and the US research astronaut Michael Fincke unloaded a Russian Progress space freighter that docked at the ISS at 7:01 a.m. CEST on Saturday. According to the flight control in Korolev near Moscow, the Progress brought 2.5 tons of fuel, water, food as well as clothing, mail and films on DVD.

Fincke and Padalka had wished the athletes in Athens successful games by video on Friday evening. The two space travelers have been living on the station since the end of April, and their replacement is planned for October.

Russian experts also want to use the Progress drive to determine the weight of the ISS. "We don't know exactly how much the station weighs," said flight director Vladimir Solovyov. "Something is brought once, then something is disposed of." The outpost of humanity in space is estimated at 183 tons. With the help of ignition pulses from the Progress engines, the weight can be determined to within two percent. The data is used to determine the fuel requirements for future maneuvers, such as lifting the station. (PAA)

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