What language do the people in Ghana speak

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There are over 40 different tribes in Ghana. They have different traditions, cultures, clothes, eating habits and also a different language. Some languages ​​are related / similar to each other - others are completely different! In Accra - my first stop in Ghana, they speak TWI - here in the north MAMPRULI.
good morning - Twi: MAAKYE-MAACHE - Mampurli: DASIBA
good afernoon - Twi: MAAHA - Mampruli: NIWUNTANGA
Good eventing - Twi: MAADWO-MAAJO- Mampruli: NII ZAANORI

These examples show how different the languages ​​are!
Mampruli (also Mamprule, Manpelle, Ngmamperli) is the language of the Mamprusi in Ghana and Togo. About 220,000 speakers live in Ghana east and west of Gambaga, in the northeast of the Northern Region.
I am just about to learn some terms and words. My pronunciation could still be improved!

The official language in Ghana is English. In the cities and among the educated people, people can often speak English very well. In a country clinic, for example, the staff speak English very well - but the patients only speak the local language. If a nurse or medical assistant does not come from the same area, you cannot communicate with one another without a translator - or with hands and feet, as I already experienced during a birth in the clinic. Every morning I give HIV / AIDS - Hepatitis and Malaria education classes on prevention - this only works with a translator!