What makes Jews smart?

We agreed that investigating ethnic intelligence is absolutely taboo these days, and not without good reason. An examination of the intellect of Jews is socially justifiable because it is about getting to the bottom of a positive quality, namely intelligence. But an investigation into the stupidity of an ethnic group is totally unacceptable.

We refuse to identify possible differences between races and ethnic groups - as humans we are all equal and equal, according to the prevailing view. I still think we should leave it at that, although it is obvious that US universities would be teeming with Asians and Jews if there were no targeted "diversity" admission policies. Alright Just don't think about it too much. It should be fine with me.

Dr. Sarrazin then asked me if I knew any stupid Jews. More than enough, I replied. "So that means this American investigation disregards the stupid Jews?" Asked Sarrazin.

As I said, the book by Cochran and Harpending hadn't been published then, I had just read an article about it somewhere. But I already knew that the study was controversial.

"I know so many stupid Jews that I doubt these American researchers are right," I replied.

"And yet Jews are smart," he said. "Smarter than Gentiles. Why? The Jews are a small people, but they have received almost a quarter of all Nobel Prizes. How can that be explained?"

I became a little uncomfortable with these questions. I knew the answer, but the Jews keep strictly secret from the outside world. Sarrazin kept digging, leaning over the table of the DB's first-class car, obsession with his eyes.

After a few minutes I gave in, cautiously, hesitantly: "Who is telling me that what I am telling you is not going to go public right away? It’s an old secret, Mr Sarrazin."

He took a piece of paper from his briefcase and wrote on it with a valuable Montblanc fountain pen: "The undersigned, Thilo Sarrazin, declares that he will not make public anything of what Mr Leon de Winter told him on April 21, 2005 . A fine of one million euros must be paid for every infringement. " He wrote the date underneath and signed it. Me too. I have the document in my possession.

"Well," said Sarrazin, "now tell me, why are you Jews so much smarter than us? Is that genetic? Is it the kosher food? What is the secret of your intellect?"

I pointed to the signed paper: "You have committed yourself to secrecy." Sarrazin nodded: "That remains between us. Failure to keep my promise would cost me much too dearly. You don't believe in the thesis of American researchers about genetic modification?"

I shook my head: "No. I know the truth. I am a Jew myself, as you know, and therefore I know that we have a very different explanation for the great mystery of our Jewish intellect."

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