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A juicy piece of meat from the grill, what could be better? If the weather cooperates and the grill is regularly heated up again, a real one is needed steak for many connoisseurs just add it.

Whether it's rump steak, T-bone steak or fillet - we'll show you the differences and ring in the next barbecue season.


Which piece should it be?

Steak is on the shopping list, great. At the latest at the meat counter, the great realization comes that not all steaks are the same.

Our overview shows which piece of beef (because only beef is sold as steak without any further addition in the name) is best suited for grilling.


A rump steak is traditionally served on the grill for most grill fans. It is one of the firmer types of steak and is comparatively cheap. The fat rim is characteristic of this meat. This is exactly what ensures that it stays nice and juicy despite its firm structure.

Beef fillet

The finest piece of beef and the most expensive meat at that is the fillet of beef. It hardly contains any fat, is very tender and only slightly marbled. The fillet comes from the upper, middle back of the animal, the roast beef. Depending on how the meat is cut, you can choose between chateaubriand, medallions or filet mignon. The latter come from the fillet tip, the Chateaubriand from the middle piece. A Chateaubriand weighs around 400 - 600 grams, like a double fillet steak that weighs around 180 - 220 grams. Filet mignon and medallions are much smaller at around 80 grams.

T-bone steak

A piece of fillet, a piece of rump steak and the distinctive bones - this is what a T-bone steak looks like. It is a little firmer than the fillet, but also cheaper. And if it has a particularly high fillet content, you can buy it as a porterhouse steak from the butcher.


Heavily marbled and probably the juiciest part of beef - the entrecote is much more tender than a rump steak and hardly dries out due to the clear lines of fat in the meat. The fat core in the middle of the steak also earned it the nickname rib-eye steak. An expensive but noble piece from the high rib.

Hip steak

The price hit among steaks, but also prone to end up as a shoe sole. The steak comes from the back of the beef and is only sparsely marbled. But cheap and firm in the bite. If you're not careful, however, it will quickly become dry and tough.

Tips for the perfect steak

Regardless of whether you like it completely cooked or prefer an English steak: The aim of a good grill steak is always to be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The more fat the meat itself already contains, the more juicy it is likely to be in the end.

But the grill master also has a share in the success of the steak. It is best to place meat at room temperature on the charcoal or gas grill, otherwise the temperature difference between the hot grill and cold meat is too great. Taking out of the refrigerator half an hour before grilling ensures a more even cooking process. Searing it also helps. Because fast heat sets the juice in the meat in motion and thus ensures a delicious aroma and a nice crust. So that the juice is not lost before grilling, please add salt shortly beforehand.

And when the meat is done, please get it off the grill!

To do this, you can do a simple test:

Feel how your relaxed ball of your thumb feels. This is roughly how the steak feels when raw. If you bring your thumb and forefinger together, it will feel a little firmer. For steak, this level is roughly equivalent to rare, for medium rare you also bring the middle finger to the thumb and test the ball of the hand again. It has become a little firmer again. And that's roughly how a pale pink to red medium rare steak feels.

When the meat comes off the grill, it should sit for a few more minutes so that the juices are well distributed inside. This is how it tastes best, no matter which piece you have chosen!

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