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Support ++

Support system for TeamSpeak³ based on the Sinusbot.
Professional support for your customers!

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Ticket system

Let TeamSpeak³ users create tickets. You and your team will never miss any support requests. In connection with Discord or Telegram, you can edit these tickets directly from your favorite messenger.
Soon there will also be a web interface, the optimal ticket system! 

Hey wumpus! Discord

Receive notifications in your Discord server. So you are always up to date. Don't miss any tickets or support requests. In addition to Discord, you can also set up Telegram for system notifications.
You can find more information here: Discord Bot

Coffee break, please

Supporters need coffee!
Simply set up a preconfigured group and you are invisible to our support system. Enjoy your coffee without receiving support requests.
You will love it!

Offline? Support closed!

You too need a break. You can use our channel module to automatically close the channel if there is no longer a support agent online. Or you set fixed support times.
And if that's too much magic for you, you can also just set commands to close / open. There are no limits to your fantasies.

Feedback system

Feedback is important! Determine which aspects your users should rate. After a successful support meeting, the user is asked for feedback. The rating works by stars (1-5).
So you can find your friendly and competent agents right away.

Music on hold. Oh no

Yes, we also have a way to annoy your users with terrible music. Play music or an announcement in your support channel.
You are also welcome to use our professional announcements.

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Lots of tutorials!

We have created tutorials for you.
These explain the configuration of the various modules.
You can find a playlist here: Support ++ Tutorials

We would like to meet again at "HelpPus"Thank you, who has voluntarily created Support ++ tutorials for you. ❤️

Come to our Discord server.

Well then, just ask us.
If others think your idea is so cool, we'll be happy to implement it.