What makes a good brand manager


A brand manager is concerned with far more than marketing. Brand management has a much broader degree of effectiveness.

Why? Brands as collective ideas control the behavior of both employees and customers. For the brand manager, this means that he deals with what a company is particularly good at and ideally over a long period of time with consistent quality: top performance.

If he succeeds in deriving a special quality argument from the top performance, the company can differentiate itself from the competition and charge higher prices. The aim of a brand manager is to use this quality argument to gain the perception of stakeholders through all entrepreneurial activities and brand communication and to increase recognition. Only if the quality argument is noticeable at all contact points - which could also be described as a brand promise - can it be proven anew.

The brand manager controls brand activities company-wide and supports other employees in their branding tasks. He ensures that the brand values ​​are noticeable in the company and that all measures contribute to the brand positioning. With the help of operational tools, for example the brand rules, he ensures that the brand can be felt at as many contact points as possible and that the employees who look after the individual contact points act in accordance with the brand.

A brand manager lives the brand every day, he is always interested in topics such as brand development, brand positioning or brand management. He exudes enthusiasm and joy. His daily work is characterized by empathy, knowledge of human nature, consistency and patience.

Because his work on the brand, for which he may bring a brand consultant on board, is a long-term process that does not produce quick successes, but generates long-term profitable, entrepreneurial growth. The most important word of a brand manager is "No". Only when he sets clear limits can the brand develop fully within them.


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