A zombie apocalypse is happening secretly right now

Jack, the monster fright, and the zombie apocalypse / Jack, the monster fright vol. 1

The comic novels based on the Netflix original! »Terribly funny! Makes for great thrills and even bigger laughs! «Jeff Kinney, author of» Greg's Diary «Excitement, fun and action: A hilarious book series with lots of comic images about a boy who turns from normal to cool action hero and defends his friends against zombies. On Netflix since September 2019!

The dream of all boys: monster hunt instead of school!
Jack is just a normal teenager. Until his city is overrun by zombies. Fortunately, his big hobby is playing video games! - perfectly prepared him for the zombie apocalypse.

He and his friends are holed up in a tree house. They join forces to defend themselves against the undead - with stink bombs, butter chop slings and monster stop juice grenades, consisting of mayonnaise, soda, salad dressing and dandruff shampoo. Incidentally, Jack tries (not very successfully) to impress his secret love June ... About the Netflix original: The action-packed books! Comic book: Short chapters, amazing phrases, simple sentences and funny pictures on every page Tension, humor and action: The ideal gift for action fans from the age of 10 Adventure with a lot of speed: The perfect book for girls and boys who do not like reading Extra motivation : There is a quiz for this book at AntolinA fast-paced adventure by bestselling author Max Brallier. The first book in a funny series about zombies, monsters and friendship for boys and girls aged 10 and over.

The volumes of the series: Volume 1: Jack, the monster fright, and the zombie apocalypse (978-3-8458-3655-3) Volume 2: Jack, the monster fright, and the wild zombie party (978-3-8458- 3656-0) Volume 3: Jack, the Monster Scare, and the King of Nightmares (978-3-8458-3657-7)

Product details

  • Jack, the monster scare 1
  • Published by ars edition
  • Number of pages: 256
  • Age recommendation: from 10 years
  • Release Date: September 10, 2019
  • German
  • Dimensions: 210mm x 146mm x 24mm
  • Weight: 428g
  • ISBN-13: 9783845836553
  • ISBN-10: 3845836555
  • Item no .: 57290608